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So I was eating and decided to watch this:

He's basically saying that LGBTQ People in gaming are portrayed badly, and while his logic suffers from one flaw (There will be more negative LGBT appearances in games if you go by games of all times, because the 80/90s were a very homophobic time), I'd say he got everything right. LGBTQ People in games are often put in negative roles.

It's not really just video games who are just coming out of their homophobic ideologies, but TV, and other "Lowest-Common-Denominator" media as well. I do like that it's getting worked on. I honestly don't think that sexual orientation is a big deal in games for various reasons, and I'd never ask for a creator to change his artistic visions for anyone, but one thing I can say I can do without is censoring LGBTQ in games when the creator wanted them to be in there. Example, that purple ghost in Paper Mario 2. Removing that is major BS, and it kinda pisses me off a bit.

Finally, I would like to see more positive roles for LGBTQ in gaming, and think it could lead to some very cool character development in RPGs. Just like the in the video guy said about Cloud. It's basically part of the lead finding out who they are. I mean let's face it, RPGs these days are going to reference sex, and some are even going to reference sexual oriantation, so why not do something interesting with it? At this point questioning sexual orintation in is like a episode of Scooby Doo. You know how it's going to end, and watching it play out is a waste of time that could easily be filled doing something productive.

Sure, it's kinda messed up to say "It'd be interesting to see" since these are real things, but video game characters have never really been seen going through this. I think it could make for a interesting development that could lead to never before used plot points, twists, tropes, and jokes even. You don't have to be a LGBTQ person to appreciate what they can go through, because in the end we can all relate because we're the same: human.

Yeah, some of you might not agree that being gay is okay, but I have two things to say to that: 1) when have you ever agreed with a non-silent protagonist's views, beliefs, and choices 100%. 2) This could breed respect for the LGBTQ community, and that is something that is needed because it can save lives, in all honesty. Maybe your kid played Persona Fantasy 7 and got some insight on the struggles of a LGBTQ youth. Now a kid from school that he knows comes out, and instead of bullying him (out of fear, hatred, lack of respect, or just not knowing any better) he decides to understand it, and remain friends causing the other kid to not off himself or something.

That's a little bit of a run on thought, so sorry about that. But I mean, you need respect, and understanding that humans are all equal. If you don't have that your homophobia could quickly lead to sexism, or even racism. So I don't see the negative of allowing more LGBTQ friendly characters/situations into video games.

Though I would never demand it be hacked into a game, or not buy a game for lack of it.


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Ironically I watched that very video twice recently. It really made me think a bit and I feel the same way as you do too. It would be good to see some positive portrayals of LGBT characters in games.


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I agree with you until the "humans are all equal" bit. I don't think humans are equal and I don't think we will ever be. Just because we share close similarities doesn't mean we're all equal. Humans shouldn't aspire to be considered equal, because we're all pretty unique, but rather they should aspire to come to terms with their own unique advantages and limitations and keep improving themselves from there.


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Re: The Game Theory video...

I'd be curious to see someone analyze the subject matter of the video from a perspective that is also knowledgeable about gender and sexuality in Japanese society. I'm not suggesting it would arrive at drastically different conclusions than the video (I would also note a trend in Chinese Kung-fu flicks towards gender bending villains), but I think it would have more insight than an assumed universality of American gender and sexual identity norms.


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For me, the affirmation "we must add this to make it more equal" always means censorship when the matter is art.

Of course, if you say "I'd like to see more gay portrayed as heroes" that's all right, it's like another person saying "I'd like to see more white dogs portrayed as heroes". But "making games, or manga, or comics, or films equal" is nonsense in my opinion.

If I want to create a game where all the good guys are tattooed horrible black giants and all the bad guys are pretty and adorable white princesses, it's my art, I'm not being racist against white people or women unless I say so. It's my art and nobody has the right to say that I need to put some good white guys and some bad black giant guys to make my game more equal.