This is what's wrong with companies today


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#1 is going on a sue spree on companies that have used Candy. They are also going after The Banner Saga because for some reason vikings can get confused with candy??? I don't know. But this has me extremely mad.
Honestly? I am boycotting all their products now, It's things like this that just makes my blood boil. Any thoughts on this?


The Human Metroid
How can you trademark the word candy???


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^ Or the word "saga". It's like if Nintendo went around filing lawsuits against everyone that ever made anything with "legend" in the title.


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TO BE FAIR: they're trying to trademark it in the context of media. They're not going to go after Hersey or Wonka afterwards :p
It is still pretty silly, though.

NOW, this all said: this dude has always been a slimy ass. It's not a "companies" thing, it's a "the guy running this company is a dick" thing. There are a lot of stories about him.