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Alright alright alright you godless sons of bitches. Here we go again.

Last month if you can remember we did a "whats your favorite games of all time" post and, we took that shit, formatted and put it on the front page for everyone to see. Needless to say, it was a success. But now it's the first of June, and your great country of TNE needs your service once again. This month the hot topic is VIDEO GAME SOUNTRACKS, more specifically, what's your favorite?

But we here at TNE at no scrubs, no sir. We go to infinity and beyond....

So what does that mean? Simply put, we don't want just your favorite sound, nor your top 5. No, we're gonna buckle down and get straight into the thick of it.


For example: Mega Man X, Kirby (franchise), Castlevania (franchise).

So that's 3 games and/or franchises.

Then, you pick 2 SONGS FROM EACH.

So Mega Man X gets two songs, Kirby gets 2, and Castlevania gets 2. That's a grand total of 6 songs. Post Youtube links. You can talk about why you love it if you wish, but only a brief sentence or something.

Can you smell what CoV is cookin'?

I'm nowhere near as funny as I think I am, but hot damn if I didn't make myself laugh making this thread.

Props to Jueg for suggesting this and allowing me to do it. Also, remember: if you got a suggestion for July or any article you want to see on the front page: post it here or pm any staff member or mod.

So this is CoV signing off you devilish dogs. Remember: 2 songs per game/franchise.

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Awesome idea for a article, but holy shizzle this requires some serious thought. I'll probably pick something from Star Fox, F-Zero and Zelda doe. But then there's also Metroid, Mario (Dire Dire f'n Docks). OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!
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Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Gaur Plains:
  • Engage the Enemy:
Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • "Don't speak her name!"
  • Divine Decree - Ablaze
Super Mario Galaxy
  • Sky Station Galaxy
  • Bowser's Star Reactor (Remix of Bowser in the Dark World from Super Mario 64)


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I'll have something for you sometime this week. When's the deadline for this? I have some ideas for specific songs I absolutely love.
Okay, here we go.

Metal Gear Solid
So this always gets me so hyped up. Harry Gregson Williams' Main Theme for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. After a decade, I bought the HD collection of Metal Gear Solid on PS3, loaded up and the first thing I heard was this. Got me so in the mood for Metal Gear Solid 2 again I played for 14 hours straight. It's an absolutely fantastic score throughout the entire game (and other Metal Gear Solid games too). The series gets a lot of negative criticism for the overly long cut-scenes but the music that goes with it all is amazing.

Secondly, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater's appropriately named "Snake Eater" with vocals from Cynthia Harrell is a tune that will never leave my mind. We've all heard it at some point and just like MGS2's Main Theme, it always gets the hype going for a Metal Gear Solid game.

Super Mario Galaxy
Now we move on to an aforementioned title, Super Mario Galaxy. Yes, Gusty Garden Galaxy by Mahito Yokota is just the pinnacle the of this soundtrack, it represents the game in such a way that you don't just hear the music, you feel it too. You want to go and run and jump and squash some damn Goombas. Nothing comes close.

Another of Yokota's work, by the Super Mario Galaxy 2 brings joy to the ears also. Everything you expect from the soundtrack is there and more. What a joy to listen to.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Now to turn the list on its head. Not strictly Metal Gear Solid so it's a separate entry (though in all honesty, this isn't a "Top 3" choice, these are just some of my favourites).
Jamie Christopherson does a fantastic job with this Original Soundtrack and it's even better while you're playing the game and it plays dynamically, absolutely amazing feeling as you swing a Metal Gear RAY around with your bare hands while an epic guitar solo is making your ear have an orgasm. Two particular tracks come to mind, The Stains of Time and Rules of Nature. Rules of Nature is just an absolute boss of a song, hell, this entire OST should have its own dedicated Guitar Hero game, honestly.


Megalomaniacal Robo-Zombie
Sonic Colors:
Planet Wisp

Aquarium Park

Remember Me (this music....I..I can't the soundtrack, you won't regre.. T_T):
Memory Reconstruction

Nilin the Memory Hunter

Yoshi's Island
Big Boss

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Here are some of my top favorite songs from particular games/franchises.

Xenoblade Chronicles
Metroid franchise
Deus Ex franchise

Honorable Mentions:
Red Dead Redemption
Max Payne 3

Xenoblade Chronicles:

The latter is one of the most badass battle themes I've ever heard in a video game, while the former practically always brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it.

Metroid (Franchise):

Ridley battles are always epic in the Metroid franchise, but Super Metroid I think has the best overall theme. The Prime games though still have some fantastic music, as seen in Torvus Bog Submerged temple theme. It's simply stunning with its ambience, and at times haunting with its electronic bits.

Deus Ex franchise:

Deus Ex has some of the best music of any 1st-person action game, and these two, the latter in particular, I was very impressed by. The former was just so badass to hear when you were kicking some ass during a particular moment of the game.

Honorable mentions:

I simply cannot end this post just as this. There are two songs in particular from different franchises (coincidently made by the same developers) that just made my jaw drop the first time I heard them.

Max Payne 3:

Red Dead Redemption:



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The odd 2 songs, 3 franchises thing is throwing me for a loop. Total paralysis on how to move forward. 8 & 16 bit era vs modern orchestrated? Balls-to-the-wall vs funky vs haunting melancholy?

Castlevania and Mega Man/X dominate my taste of retro series soundtracks, with individual standouts like Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger & Revenge of Shinobi.

In terms of modern soundtracks, it's Okami, Metroid Prime and Xenoblade for me.

There's also that transitional era with Symphony of the Night and Ocarina of Time (Chrono Cross had a great soundtrack too).

@LightsaberBlues held it down for Revenge of Shinobi (on the shortlist of greatest video game soundtracks ever).



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He's out of town right now, but should be back soon.

I'd kick in recommendations, but Metroid, Zelda and Xenoblade are well accounted for, and Fried beat me to NMH.

There should probably be some more Chrono Trigger love (at work so I can't go to youtube for streaming), more Super Metroid (lower Brinstar and Norfair), and the original Super Mario Bros.

Metroid Prime 3 has a hugely underrated soundtrack - the opening theme is amazing, and I could listen to the SkyTown theme for hours. BioShock and Mafia were smart enough to kick in some Django Reinhardt. Halo's main theme is...well, you know it.


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...Yeah it's a bit odd, but that's what Jueg came up with. Speaking of, super surprised he hasn't posted anything for his idea.
It's too arbitrary. Maybe a specific theme (grand epic music, nostalgic or sad music, arcade music), or an era/console would have structured it better. Or even simply having one more choice with one less series (3 song choices, 2 series), would have allowed stronger show casing of the musical evolution of some longstanding series.
Gunna post the first things that pop into my head, I wasn't going to take part because it's too difficult, but #yolo.

Star Fox (Both SF64):
Star Wolf theme
Area 6

Mario (Both from Super Mario 64, because dat's the GOAT Mario soundtrack):
Dire Dire Docks
Ending Credits

Ridley's theme (SNES version I guess)
Magmoor Caverns (Prime)


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Damn this browser freezing thread all to hell. Hasn't anyone heard of spoiler tags?! :mad:

Anyway, this can't be allowed to go to press with such notable omissions, the theme is SNES to PS1, so let's get down to business:



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Mario Kart 7

I play this track just to listen to this amazing song!

Donkey Kong Country 3

I love this game. Just love it. And the mountain stages are stunning. So their songs.

Listen to the guitar solo! It makes me cry!

Super Mario Galaxy

Just perfect. One of my favourite songs.

Pokemon Red

Great songs. Those are my favourites. I love the battle ones.

Super Mario World

I'll never forget its music.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

All FE music and story is great, but it's the FE I'm playing now, so here's the song.

This title's music is so addictive, it makes you feel everything that is happening on the game, the victory, the drama, etc. And it's got quite a "retro" game music style.