TNE is Smashing!

Okay guys here it is, the things I've been working on, hope ya'll enjoy. I did these in Paint.NET and I ain't no pro so these are not perfect. I got to a point where I couldn't be asked to make more so sorry if you're not included! Lol. I may do more after this post any way, though you guys are more than welcome to also make some of your own as well! I'll post these in the order I did them.

Enjoy, TNE really is smashing.












I see some of y'all have put yours in sigs! Love it! I can edit it and clean it up if you want, I did a shoddy job on some of them becuz i suk @ Paint.NET.

Mighty my man......I nearly did one for you but like I said I just could not think of a good tag line, I had a lot of ideas but alas they didn't come to fruition. Like I also said, anyone is welcome to make some as well, it's not like the one's I did I consider the best member's or anything. I would do one for everyone in an ideal world, but I've all ready explained why I didn't in the OP.

Seriously, I want you guys to get involved and carry this thread on! Some of you must be better in Paint.NET/Photoshop/etc than me!