**TNE Podcast Discussion**


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I'm enjoying the podcast right now, always a pleasure.

It's funny how you are against voiceover for Zelda.

I think it's time to have voiceover for Zelda, come on guys !

No gibberish, proper voiceover.

I'm playing the Witcher 2 and the voiceover acting is great and it adds so much to the experience.

The least I would accept from a HD Zelda on Wii U is Link as a silent protagonist, but that's it.
Please let me be the 4th member on your podcast, I can round out the sound with my Midwestern accent.
I started making my own for this very same reason.... I wanted to participate....
Shall we join forces? I will admit I don't have knowledge to spew facts about specs and speeds and yadda yadda, but for classic gaming and overall shameful videogame passion courtesy a full grown man, Im pretty good to go.


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You guys actually do know a lot about classic gaming, along with others from these forums. It would be awesome if you got something going along those lines.
I would love to get some sort of retrospective series together with some of the members here who revel in the years gone by in the industry. We could take polls on which games members would like us to cover in a respective episode. The show could cover things such as where we were in life when we played said game, how has it resonated, did it impact the industry in any notable way, etc etc etc. Of course, covering story, gameplay mechanics and the like are a given.


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If they don't want to let you in the podcast TNE BLUES is open to all TNE posters who want to participate in any way shape or form.... That is why I do it.... For us.... And I've always said anyone is welcome to join me.... Including you my friend....
That door is always open to you all.... In fact I welcome it....


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Since we kicked the podcast off, we have been trying to organise specific "topical" discussions as standalone casts, using the numerous experts here. There was meant to be a castlevania one before Mirror of Fate released, but it never eventuated.


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I can't remember our last podcast much. I've been drinking quite a bit on these last podcasts, I really gotta stop that.