TNE Wonderful Ones Unite Up!!! Part 2 the sequel!!!!



And thats where this all started from this communities generous donation to me for a baby gift. I was so humbled by it that a hopefully big idea would come outta it. Well I think we got it, we bought some equipment with the money to be able too do our own Twitch feeds from the WiiU gaming sessions, record voice chat, record play throughs, even do things like podcast as we get more familiar with everything.

As many of you guys know I am in no way shape or form a tech guy, so I put the equipment in the hands of Jueg and from there formed a team in the shadows of PM. The "TNE TV Crew" is @thelittlelaughingman who has capture equipment himself for youtube run throughs and whatnot. @imthesoldier who works in the field of sound on stage as a profession, also has quite a bit of knowledge in this area as he has done a lot of capturing himself. @CitizenOfVerona who has been our key tester giving us instant feedback thru Skype, also watch hours of other twitch feeds and gathering stats. @juegosmajicos who has had the pleasure (lol) of learning exactly how all this works with the computer / WiiU / audio / a lot has went into this and at times I know it has been more of a curse than a blessing. Myself I just had the fortune of having a awesome community donate to me, so I wanted to do something to give you guys a voice and something to have fun with. @thelittlelaughingman made that thread above for a very specific reason. Its so everyone knows what time someone else can play games. Our hope is to have quite a bit of video capture equipment out there so that we can cover a lot of people, voices and angles of what we are playing as a community.

Now I got a couple of things I would like to cover so Im just going to do it in points so that hopefully that cuts down on the confusion of everything.

1. And this is what the whole focus of the team. We wanted for your voices to be heard during our play times together. It has brought many many of us closer together just by being able to talk to one another while playing the hobby we love, this is the heart of the TNE community. Playing games, enjoying each other. Much like we are getting ideas from you guys to write and represent y'all well on the front page. This expands upon that idea. We want to show the world that we have some of the best people, gamers and personalities out there. That they need to be here to enjoy as we enjoy. So @mantisLJD , @CyanPrime , @Jacesonnall the whole voice chat in MK8 didn't come outta a selfish want to just complain and be bitter about it. Also the games that were testing on are 3rd party games we want to play Nintendo with voice chat its a standard feature these days. It came from we have put in a lot of time on how to feature every single voice that we play online with comes thru the mic and is played thru twitch on audio. It took us a long time to figure all this out, and on WiiU it was no easy feat. So everyone who plays with us on Juegs Twitch feed there voices WILL come thru loud and clear, and a lot of these nights like "Mattavelle quits Ghost cause he's too drunk" night are way to much fun to describe. We want y'all to experience that with us on MK8, or whatever game Nintendo brings to WiiU with voice chat. This isn't about speaking to randoms, its about connecting to the community thru voice chat and having a blast.

2. Again side by side with the front page @Menashe will be putting up a link directing readers and viewers to the forums here. You guys again will have a spot now to be SEEN gaming and hopefully be HEARD so that we can showcase how proud we are to be a TNE forum member and possibly get some more awesome gamers in here and make new friends.

3. Right after I post this thread @juegosmajicos will be making a thread that goes along with this. It will be called "TNE TV Channels". The link from the front page will send them straight to this thread, and they can browse and see if anyone is playing something they would be interested in. 71 million people now watch online gaming being played. This is also a chance for you guys here to get involved. We will be giving you all the info you need to get your Twitch up and running if you choose to do so. We will tell you the equipment that we are using, anything you could need. So if you choose to do this you run your own post in this thread like your own TV station. Everyone here has been granted access to unlimited editing, so you could always edit what game your playing and at what time without having to make multiple Twitch post.

For example of this

@LightsaberBlues has his own twitch feed. He is more than welcome to post his own feed in this thread (and his own Titanfall thread also obviously) and edit it as he chooses. When and what he's playing, he can always keep his viewers in the loop of what he's doing. We want this thread to stay clean and easy to navigate that is where this power of unlimited editing is most valuable and we ant it to be put to work.

4. Literally everyone here is invited to do this with us. Imagine if were all playing MK8 together and you have 4 people in the match recording. You could get live feed angles from probably anywhere in the race. Nobody is doing this, and we would have all the voices captured aswell.

5. As of right now I know that @juegosmajicos and @LightsaberBlues have Twitch feeds. LSB was who inspired me to this idea in the first place. If we are playing on WiiU and your playing with Jueg than it will be shown. This is why were hoping more people get involved in this so that we can showcase many of the people and gamers here at TNE.

More than likely I will have Jueg lay out the information we have been going on here in this thread to keep our "TNE TV Channels" thread nice and clean, with just our users Twitch feeds being in it. Again thank you all for being such an awesome community of people, it makes doing things like this so much fun its not even funny. Its easy to do stuff for y'all. If you have any questions have at them, we would be glad to listen to anything you guys have to say.

I think this could be the start of something really cool and unique to our community, you know us were always trying to do something. This is the end of the surprises we have for you guys as of right now. The articles on the front page, and these new Twitch features is what we have. Hope y'all enjoy them, and thank you so much again for the baby gift I hope I have put it to good use fro you guys.

Here in about an hour if you wanna see and here our first Twitch stream for you guys the TNE Crew will be Playing CoD Ghost. After all our test I hope everything goes well cause we have put some time into this for sure. But this will be our first feature to give you guys and idea of whats going on! TNE UNITE UP!!! :msrs:


Hey, this sounds great. I got a twitch too, but I can only stream in 480p. :< Too poor to afford anything that streams higher.
That's fine I think ours is also displayed in 480 or just a hair higher Cyan. You now have a place to run your own TNE TV Channel in Juegs thread

We want you to put your twitch feed here and run it like your own TV channel. I think Jueg has everything laid out in the OP.


All mods go to heaven.
My stream is actually below 480p, because my upload bandwidth is trash. But strangely, our voices sound even better through through Twitch than in person, as noted by Shoulder.

Also, later I will make a tutorial for setting up your capture card, or broadcasting PC games, and setting up your audio depending on what you're trying to do. I'm not good at this stuff, but I did go through pains recently that give some insight.