All mods go to heaven.


I'm going to have to start right from the beginning with this, TNE, but please bear with me. So Matt and I were talking about the forums, and we started discussing what @TechnoHobbit said about IGN, that we shouldn't be in bad relations with them. We figured that yeah, these guys at IGN are mostly new people who have little to do with the old, and while we are resentful towards the old IGN Wii Lobby management and TOS, there's nothing stopping us from treating this new IGN as a completely separate thing, as if it was a completely different website from what it was back in the day. In other words, the old badass neighbors moved out, now there are new neighbors, and we should bring them a basket of fruit to get in good terms.

Now let me rewind a bit. The other day I was talking to a friend about Latin America. To cut it short, what we talked about is how Latin American countries should form their own Pan American Union (like the European Union) so that they can better provide for their own people, and to foster a greater sense of community among those nations. If you're not aware, the governments of some of these Latin American countries have managed to make their citizens hate other countries without reason - this is something that should be reversed, as a greater sense of community is always more beneficial than the lack of it.

Let me rewind even more. Over a year ago, I can't even remember how far back, Menashe discussed with me the idea of forming a sort of gaming journalists' guild, a community of bloggers, journalists, and critics that helped one another in multiple ways. But nothing came of this idea because there were a million other things to do.

Now we're back at the present. TechnoHobbit is trying to organize a Mario Kart 8 match between IGN Wii U Lobby and TNE Forums, and Matt and I are full of ideas. Imagine this: this coming Saturday, a TNE team gets a match going against IGN in Mario Kart, team-based, 6v6. The week after that, TNE plays NegativeWorld's team in the same way. Then the next week, we play the Gaming Enthusiast staff. And the next one, we play NintendoLife's staff, or their forum members, or whatever. Then after, we play the GameTrailers forum members.

Catch my drift? Get my meaning? Ya feel me, na'm'sayin'?

So week after week, we can be playing a team from a different website or forum community. We make friends. Some of them eventually show up here, or not, either way we're a little step up.


Let's say we broadcast these matches in TNE TV. That's right, next week when we play IGN, we broadcast their game on one (or more) of our very own Twitch channels. In our Twitch stream chat, we might get both TNE and IGN members chatting together, rooting for their team, talking shit about the others, or even dropping the occasional "GG, well played".


(For this next idea, keep in mind that we haven't talked to @LightsaberBlues so whether it's feasible, doable, or even probable, we don't know. We just finished this idea tonight, give us a break. Consider it just food for thought.) Now let's say that, an hour (or a day) before the game, LSB throws a quick "TNE Tailgate Party" on his Twitch channel. He talks shortly about whatever there is to talk about at that time, but that's not the exciting part. The exciting part is that players from both TNE and IGN (or whoever we're playing) get to call in with their Wii U, much like we did during the Pre-E3 show, and get interviewed by LSB. There would be many questions answered, much trash talked, and re-opened old wounds.


This is all just for Mario Kart. The same could be done for Call of Duty, Wii Sports, Smash Bros, Splatoon, and others. Hell, we could do it for Titanfall, Street Fighter, and other multiplatform games. And if we get this thing rolling, in the future we might have so many people playing we actually get a league going, with a schedule of games happening across multiple websites, with some teams getting eliminated and others getting all the glory.


So what does it take? First, we need diplomats checking out other gaming websites and forum communities, getting to know the people and helping to organize the possible matches. I personally will make a point of joining websites we might want to play, but if anyone else wants to help, especially if they already are members of another community, we would be very glad to receive the help. I haven't spoken to Menashe about this, but I want to propose the idea of giving some sort of badge to those who help organize the games, those who form part of the teams, and others.

Second, it takes a regular schedule. I propose that we play every Saturday in the early evening (around 7 PM EST?), in a way that remains feasible for European gamers and that leaves the late evenings clear so that nobody has to miss out on a night of bar hopping with their friends just because they want to play games with TNE. Sunday might be a good day too, if not better.

Third, it takes a team. In the case of Mario Kart, a team consists of 6 people. We have way too many players at TNE, so we could just form two separate teams, or take turns in playing for the official team, or something. We also need a name. Please post your suggestions in this thread.

Fourth, it takes an open mind and open arms. I know we are the greatest goddamn gaming website there is, but let's be good sports and play together with other gamers regardless of where they come from. Becoming bigger, making more friends, and creating something larger than what we already are can only bring better things to us. Here at TNE, we already came from all sorts of places and banded together to create, from scratch, what we are today. Let's throw something back out there and foster a greater community like we know how to. And let's play some games while we're at it.


All mods go to heaven.

I'm reserving this second post for questions and info and updates and whatever comes to mind.


All mods go to heaven.
I want to explain the many ways in which we benefit at different levels of TNE.

In the forums: once this thing has been rolling and we have gotten to play many different communities, TNE's members will have gained some reputation as good-willed, passionate gamers. People from other communities will occasionally decide to come over and participate in whatever it is we got going on, since they already like who we are (both as people and as community). The ones that come and stay will likely be like-minded, if they're the ones we're becoming friends with in the first place. Also, in the case that any other website undergoes changes that their community doesn't like, those people will keep us in mind and may decide to migrate over, in which case I'm sure they will be very welcome as long as they learn our ways. More than anything, the games and the twitch broadcasts will be a ton of fun for everyone, and will give us something to work toward as a team and as a community.

In the front page: broadcasting the games will get us a bunch of new people coming in, as members of other communities may come to our front page to watch our broadcasts and root for their team. Some of them may stick around after seeing our feature articles. We will also no doubt discover a lot of hidden talent among the many gamers of different communities out there, and these people can either become writers, forum members, programmers, or help us in some other way. Either way it's gravy for the front page.

Between front page, forums, and other communities: we will have better relations among different groups of people. Specifically for us, it'll help us build better relationships between forums and front page members, and later on, between Nintendo Enthusiast and Gaming Enthusiast, TV Enthusiast, and whatever else comes along. In other words, we may yet form a larger, all-encompassing community of all sorts of gaming backgrounds and interests, while retaining our indentity as Nintendo enthusiasts.

Beyond: The large network of gamers we reach may then go on to fuel the other projects related to Nintendo Enthusiast, such as the Nintendo Con and the various events Menashe is organizing. Some of these people may also make it easier to find talented people to staff the other websites with.

Within: We'll make friends with lots of cool people. I'm down for this, if nothing else.


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Wow, that's definitely a lot to take in, Jueg. This is definitely something which cannot happen overnight, but more around a period of months or years even. That of course requires long-term commitments with members of TNE and other sites, and becoming best buds with one another.

I'm certainly going to do my damnedest to be there next Saturday for the TNE vs. IGN on MK8, and I hope it'll present opportunities to further expand TNE, and Twitch I think is only a precursor what we all want. I, too want to provide to TNE by playing games on Twitch, maybe also provide commentary on various gaming and non-gaming related subjects, and whatnot, but we have a lot of members here too that would be brilliant to provide their own input on things. And keep in mind this is before you factor in the Diplomatic Relations between different websites.


AWESOME! I love the big picture here and of course the whole facing off against other websites/communites. I would certainly love to be a part of this. I will say though I don't think times should be set; like, just ask people what time is best for them on that particular Saturday. Or something. As for our team name, just call us The Nintendo Enthusiasts (aka TNE).



Well @juegosmajicos you nailed all the points excellent job on all that. If you need me to add anything just ask.

Now for the fun stuff. I got quite a few names for out "League" team. See what y'all think, and I'm gonna try and follow a theme for us as trying to be ahead of the curve on everything we do. So see what y'all think

TNE Wondeful 1's
TNE TrailBlazers
TNE Pathfinders
TNE Innovators
TNE Serious Helmets
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The TNE Wonderful One's could work as it's what we've been using for this series of awesomeness as of lately. It also puts into light the under appreciated game from Platinum, The Wonderful 101.

The name could also represent a metaphor for how under the radar we can be, and yet still be quite mighty in our endeavors, and can unite as one.


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Sounds great to me. I wouldn't mind playing Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, Destiny, Assassin's Creed Unity, etc. with you guys and the people over at least most of the ones in the CT, at any rate


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I like this. This is a great way of creating a bigger and more useful community of Nintendo fans. We're all discussing Nintendo, posting Nintendo and loving Nintendo, so we must unite us!

I just need to say that it wouldn't work for Latin America, but it's another story :D