TNE Wonderful Ones Unite up!!!



Ice Cube is always appropriate for the hype!!!So as you can see from LSB's TNE Blues video we got ourselves a new Forum community feature for the front page!!! So let me outline a couple of things here then we will get into it.

So the origins of this idea came from LSB and LiT talking in the CT, which came to that yes there was a disconnect from the front page to back here and there needed to be away to bridge the gap. As mods this is more where we try to go. We don't wanna "mod" per say were trying to switch up the mod game and instead of being a "mod" were more servants for you guys. Need something just ask at anytime cause were always trying to figure out how to make this place better for y'all. At that time it got some of our wheels turning and we had a plan to take to @Menashe . Let me say something before moving on, we got this nice new forum, and at every turn when we need support Menashe has always been there to give it to us above and beyond what he would ever have too. He starting in a forum himself has a true passion for the community which makes our job back here getting y'all anything you need an awesome experience always. So thank you Menashe for always supporting us.

So for those who don't know when TNE started it was just a blog that Menashe started doing, and he had @Mike D. and @juegosmajicos working on the blog with him daily, while all the while they kept touch with the IGN lobby that most of us came from. What really took this place off was the uber quality writing that came from those 3 and from those humble beginnings here we are today.

So back to the idea. Going back to those humble beginnings that articles people would love to read came back up as these community here is chalk full of talented writers, and people with excellent ideas. We will now have a feature in the slide show on the front page of TNE that will fall under "TNE Forum Exclusive" (thats a generic title by the way just trying to get the point across as to what we will be having thats made totally by us).

Now here is where all you come in. We are starting with a core team of writers, basically our voices. They are @CitizenOfVerona , @LightsaberBlues , @Mike D. , @theMightyME , and @juegosmajicos . Now they will be writing articles under this title that are picked straight outta this forum (and if its slow lol they will probably just write something). We will have a private section of the forum blocked off to do this work, its literally gonna come straight outta this place.

Now what does that mean for you and I in the community. Well I know that @imthesoldier have been wanting to collab on an article for awhile now. It will give us a dedicated place to do so and bang out the work after that we just go back to posting. If you have something that you wanna write you will have no problem getting your article worked on. The reason were doing all this back here is because we all visit this place multiple times a day, there is no need to have to go somewhere else to get an idea seen or heard. We are doing this to help us all watch this thing succeed.

Another thing that you guys will be most important in. I will be making a thread right after this is posted called "What do you wanna read". Now if you have done any bit of writing you know that its hard to come up with ideas at times. We want this to be a feature for years to come to represent us well. That thread will basically be like a white board full of ideas coming straight from y'all. If its slow and we need some ideas we hit this thread and pick one of you guys. When we do this you will get credit for it in the article itself cause this is all about showing the world how awesome the community is back here.

Another thing that goes along with this is. The ideas don't have to be just Nintendo stuff. Hopefully many of you know that Menashe also owns Gaming Enthusiast. If the idea is in the video game world, but outside of Nintendo it will be published on GE. This was very much encouraged by Menashe so that we don't just limit this awesome new feature to just one thing. So anything you guys wanna throw up in that thread as an idea you can, anything in the gaming world. Again all these ideas will just be coming to us from TNE forum, everything in house and bringing us out.

I hope your all very supportive and excited about this cause I know I am. So thats the big one, but i have a couple of others to share with y'all.

Menashe hit me with a few ideas that came outta the blue last night.

1. He wants to have a vote at the beginning of each month for "Pillars of TNE community". So basically you vote for the person that month that really struck home with you as a just strong poster or helpful in the community. Each month if you win the vote you will receive a badge, and your choice of a 3DS or WiiU game which is freakin awesome. Who ever wants to post this vote each month the person who says "Ill do it" will be the person outside of staff who gets this feature and keeps up with it.

2. Also he wants someone (again first person to say Ill do it outside of staff get it) to start a "real life thread. So Menashe is a very personal guy, but he's limited on time he would be all over this. His idea came from all of us making friends on IGN and getting to truly know one another and cultivate a friendship from there. Thats what this thread would be about who are you cane how can we find common ground to become closer. Im really looking forward to this myself cause I keep wondering who the poster behind @Odo ,@MANGANian and @hogge are cause I like there stuff. Speaking of which Im loving the new members we get here they just come in and bam are hitting a lick which is awesome. Anyhow yeah this will be about connecting to one another and forming friendships.

As for now this is what I got in way of bringing the forums to the front cause starting in forums ourselves, this whole site even we always remember where we came from. We love this place and would do anything for y'all, and the abundance of talent here is staggering. I appreciate everyone of y'all very much, and it makes my job so much better getting to work with people who have a passion for the community like I do. Thank you all for supporting the community just by being here, and I hope that you continue to enjoy it more and more.

.................................Oh I almost forgot to tell y'all, we got another big surprise in store for y'all that hopefully I can pull the veil on next week. We have been working on it for at least a month, but the time is close......but not this close lol stay tuned!


Really guys.... I hope everyone is pumped to start contributing to this epic idea.... I call out to all of you.... Not just the Regs, but even the newbs.... Get involved in this....

If you ever had something more to say on these forums and want your voice to be heard, now is the time....




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I'm there, Matt. All of you have been very good to me since I came around last year, and even in my short time in this place, I've grown to become friends with many of you, despite I have never see any of you in person. I do know that if and when that time does come, you'll be getting a big hug from me (awwww!), and a big thank you for letting me be a part of this community.

We here at TNE (and GE) are only just beginning our endeavors around here, and let's hope that it leads to bigger and better things in our lives, both directly, and indirectly.


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Great things you're doing!

I think I'm new here, but since I got here, I started reading (and posting) everyday. I've always loved forums, but in the last couple of years I've found no good Nintendo (or games') forums. Until I got here. :)

I've written a couple of things in the past. I had some blogs, but I had to stop. No enough time at all. However I may help you if I find something good to write. At least I'll try to give some suggestions.

PS: I've had a news fan site in the past and I used to be a forum mod too, so I know when I see a great work done. It's what you TNE guys do. Keep delighting us, please. Ganbatte kudasai.