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Imagine the user profile on the app would be the gaming version of a profile on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you see the person's history in the workplace and business world. You see everything about them that would be on their paper resume, but with actual links, images, and recommendations. It also is about who they know in their network. It represents the person's entire unique identity as a working individual. That profile then allows them to meet others, connect with others, and have new opportunities through expanding their business network.

If you imagine there could be something similar in the gaming world - every person has their own unique identity as a gamer. It's comprised of their specific tastes or how those tastes evolved over the years. How they first got into gaming, and their overall history in terms of consoles and gaming library across multiple generations. It's about what they are currently playing the most, what their most anticipated games are, and who they play with. It's about how they choose to express themselves in between playing games - socializing, getting into discussions about their favorite games, making Youtube videos, streaming their gameplay on Twitch, challenging others to competitive games, creating fan-art, creating gaming humor or memes, writing reviews or blogs about their gaming experiences, buying merchandise or decorating their environment with gaming trinkets, programming fan-games or their own games, producing remixes or being a covert artist of gaming music, working in the industry, etc, etc.

Gaming profiles are so unique. They tell the tale of who you are and what makes you be 'you' as a gamer. And once that's fleshed out, we can use that data for match-making. We can suggest you the ten people with the closest gaming tastes and history to you, prioritizing those nearby to your region. We can help people make new close gaming friends.

Once the user profile and matchmaking stage is complete, we'd focus more on gaming sessions and challenges - aka gamers playing together. But I need your feedback and suggestions on building out the user profiles. What would you recommend having in the user profile? What questions or information should we try and find out to help shape your gaming identity?


The Architect
I would definitely like to see some degree of customization slots on the user profile to make it easy for users to get a summary of me and my preferred tastes and vice verse. (IE a better default profile view upon clicking on someones avatar, but with greater control for the user to edit and share things about themselves)

As for what questions would be helpful? I would think the following would be useful:

-Owned systems
-Preferred Systems
-Owned Games
-Favorite genres/series
-Favorite Games
-Online ID's (Gamertag, PSN, Steam, NNID, etc- preferably stored in one place)
-Active groups (linking to alternative sites that the player might use to converse)
-Miscellaneous recommendations/associations


I was going to say something akin to, actually, what Nintendo does with Miiverse profiles. Game Experience (Casual, Intermediate, Expert), Systems owned, Favorite genres, a little about me section.
I second Koenig's suggestions, its a bit more expanded than this.
I feel like age is a factor in this whole thing too.


Alright guys all you in the PM about the new community. We will use this thread to bounce ideas off of one another and talk about what we like and want. What feels good and dosent.

Y'all cool with this?


pig's gotta fly
So I never fill these type of things out. I doubt I'm the only person who does this.

I like the idea, but I feel like you might have to guide people a little more aggessively. It seems like the info would be important to reach stage 2.

I mean, technically, we can share all these gaming traits now with the current system. Doesn't mean we all filled out our profile.


Also I did get some feedback to the programmed today.

(I copy / paste both @nerdman and @EvilTw1n basically asking what is this trying to be)

I await his response as soon as I get it I'll bring to to you guys :mthumb:

This isn't to say I've disregarded the other feedback. It's still there ready for me to send.