[web 3.0] MegaMan "Shrine" website


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So this is my WIP MegaMan "Shrine" site as they use to be called, I think. I really just wanted to show off my new Scrolling System

It's far from finished, but I need to know what resolutions work and break it. You should only see 1 "Page" at a time unless you're scrolling to the next one, none of them should overlap, and you shouldn't be able to scroll past the black at the end.


Please post a screenshot, tell me what browser you're using, and what your screen resolution is.
Or just tell me how cool my scrolling is. :D


I dunno about resolution, but you have some serious website designing skills Cyan! I'd pay for you to make me one.....but I don't need one lol.

But yeah, the side scrolling works very well, nice job!