Went way back to my roots this morning.......



That’s where it all began for me really, posting on a message board and learning how we make real friends with people who I still haven’t ever meet in real life. I posted there since 2002 but up until I posted in the CT I had strictly been just commenting on the forum itself and the games Nintendo had comin out.

What’s got me in the nostalgia mood is how many times now I personally have come full circle with my life online since 2002 and havin relationships with people thru writin words. The funny spots Nintendo has put us in to find work around for at times there non existent voice chat. How we made game nights at home into our “new age bar” where everybody knows your name and there always glad you came. Has all combined now into havin even church online and havin the ability to connect with people in that way, that’s where we are at that’s how far we have come with all this.

It blows my mind how it all started and how far back many of us go. Thru alllllll these years and allllllllll these interactions it has sharpened me personally to be able to find a way to connect with people thru a screen bearer. And I couldn’t be more thankful for stumbling into that message board on IGN, which lead to joinin that CT with so many others and how it has impacted and molded my life in some very very profound ways thru the relationships I have been allowed to make.

In the current climate I guess sometimes you go back to see if you could have done things different to help them to not get the way things are now. Thank you to many one who reads this or took time to sift some post from the Genesis of all this things and what an amazing ride it has been for my adult life.
For real, hard to think that's at minimum 8 years ago. I flicked through some pages in that thread, I still think about I_Stink and Circa Survivor from time to time. I couldn't help but laugh when Boom's name appeared. And I'll never not miss Kris Wright. I really wish there was some way I could get in contact with those lovely boys.

Reading some of my posts though? Woof.

It's been months since this pandemic shit kicked off and I too have been thinking about old friends and whatnot. The other night I woke up at 4 and lied there for an hour thinking of people I don't talk to anymore. I guess I'm going through what a lot of people who live by themselves are during these hard times. I never would have thought of digging up the old Nintendo lobby though.

I do miss the old CoD nights we use to have. I may not have any interested in the series anymore, but lots of good conversations and drunk nights with the crew. Shame Splatoon or Monster Hunter didn't grab me.

Thanks for the memories.
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I just went back to check the IGN Nintendo Lobby and it's still the same posters from when I first signed up there in 2010. To me that is kinda sad actually. Imagine having the same conversations with the same ppl over a decade later. Can only imagine what kind of circle jerk that has become. One thing in general that I dislike about forums is the hive mind mentality. Sometimes you wonder how these people conform in real life if they do at all. It's totally possible the only social interactions they have are through forums.


The world in 2021 is very different from how the world used to be. I have been a part of many forums and communities online for several years of my life. I am 43 now. I think Nintendo Enthusiast.com is one of the best sites I have stumbled upon.
Agree with this a ton. Forums have been replaced by in large with social media. Really forums were the first “FaceBook” persay but on a much smaller scale.

Also I started on that site in this thread when I was 22 years old. Much like you being 41 now the times have changed so much but I’m thankful for the stability that Nintendo Enthusist provides.