What if Nintendo and Disney Avengers-ed Animated Nintendo Movies


The Architect
It could work, but it would involve overcoming a number of problems. Making decent video game movies, let alone being true to their video game counterparts is a monumental task to start with, never mind fitting them together in a coherent fashion that did not come off as a blatant marketing exercise.

In short, it could be done, but my gut tells me that it has 99/100 chance of sucking.


Whoremonger & Cokefiend
Then it would be Captain N. That show was trash, but it played on my imagination and love for games like a motha.

It would be really cool if Nintendo revisited the shared Nintendo Universe with not only movies, but also with more game franchises. I'd kill for a Captain N or Smash Brothers JRPG.

Love the banners for these spotlight threads btw. Do you handle all the spotlights?