What is the best Star Wars game of all time?


This question could apply on a few of the different sub-forums but I just decided to put it here. Feel free to answer with PC-only Star Wars games as well.
I know it's a loaded question because there have been so many Star Wars games that we have all enjoyed.
For me it's between KOTOR and Jedi Knights: II Jedi Outcast

I'll go with Jedi Outcast just because I feel KOTOR was one-upped by Mass Effect.
Oh man, now this is a bit of a difficult decision.
You hear me say this a lot already, but it's between KOTOR2, SWBFII, and Republic Commando
I'm not quite yet done with KOTOR2, but so far, I'm really liking the game and it's a worthy successor to the original. I can't quite call it the best star wars game though as much as I love turn-based strategy games.
Republic Commando was really good. The game really shines with it's single player mode as it's a really good balance between quality gameplay and a quality story. Who doesn't want to participate in a story about the Seals of the Galactic Republic? The mutliplayer in RC is really fun too. So fun, that I was able to spend enough time in the servers to actually know everyone who plays online.
This is really a hard decision because SWBFII is equally as fun. In fact, I think the combat model of SWBFII is the best around. Just all out war and the team with the best players wins. SWBFII isn't COD though. Having to capture command posts is what really gives the game it's competitive edge. You'll never see such a skillful and clever bunch of players than in SWBFII online. I could really go in depth, but there's no need. I also love the ability to add maps and mods to the game. I don't know how many maps and mods I've downloaded for this game, but all of them were really fun. This is something that RC lacks. Conversely, however, SWBFII lacks a good single player. It's extremely generic and maybe it was fun in 2006, but it sure hasn't aged as well as the RC single player.
It's a tough decision, but I'm going to have to go with Republic Commando for the simple reason that it has a better replay value than SWBFII as surprising as that may seem.
I did get to play Jedi Outcast II, but not all the way (Dunno why).
Force Unleashed was awesome too. Especially loved using motion controls on the Wii to use force powers.
Would have welcomed a 3rd edition to the series.


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It's a tie between Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Republic Commando, TIE Fighter, & Knights of the Old Republic II.


I played them all throughout the years and saw the evolution of Star Wars games first hand as I grew up.... I considered them all to be the "best" at the time I had played them.... I just like all of em for different reasons I guess, even the "bad" ones.... They all mean something to me anyway.... I even missed all the portable ones in that post and I played those too....