What is your 'comfort' game(s)?

We all know what comfort eating is, where you have a particular food that you always go back to and scoff perhaps and it's always a good time.

For this thread I ask you TNE, what are some of your comfort games? Games that you always play because you just feel at home there or something. Like, maybe you should probably be playing that other game to get it off your backlog, but instead you play your comfort one...

For me, Smash Bros is definitely something I always go to play. I just love it so much; the gameplay is just too addicting and I feel at home playing it. There was a time where the Gears of War series was my go to game(s) as well, mainly because of multiplayer.

Anyway, have at it TNE. Also mods move this into a better board if needed.


Not because it just came out but Smash for sure, and normally comfort gaming the games I gravate too are normally like never ending in away.

Tetris, Dr. Mario, Mario Golf those are 100% my top 3 comfort gaming games.


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Dark Souls and DaS 2 have become my comfort games in the past few years. That's the kind of game I play when I don't want to do work, or when I'm avoiding playing new games, or just when I'm feeling down in general. Monster Hunter also fits the bill when I play with people here.

Before, it was mostly SNES games, like Super Castlevania IV, Secret of Mana, and Super Metroid.


Damn yeah for sure MH aswell. It also falls into the "never ending" genera which is amazing for comfort gaming.

As I've gotten older tho my comfort gaming has changed a bit. Back in the day Final Fight and Street Fighter were more my go toos for things like this.


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Grand Theft Auto honestly used to be my comfort gaming, but these days I have not put as much time into them.

Monster Hunter I think is a current comfort game for myself, as is NFS: MW when I feel competitive to tackle the speed wall. Smash Bros might become it, but despite the loads of fun I had back in the day with the original Smash Bros, I haven't played much of Smash in recent years. I sort of got bored with it, so I'm waiting to see if Smash Bros for Wii U can re-start that spark I loved so much back in the day.


GTA has been my go to game for comfort since GTA III on PS2....

I have been losing myself in the world of Liberty City on a daily basis for years now....

I probably have played GTA on every console it has released on for a combined total of over two thousand hours, and I still play it almost everyday....

Whether it's GTAIV, GTAV or GTAO, GTA has always been my go to game for just about any reason....

I'll be rebuying GTAV for PC in Jan very gladly....

R* is one of the few game companies that literally have my money already in their pockets....

Rockstar 4 Life....


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All-time champ for me is honestly Metroid Fusion. A few years ago, we had one of those ridiculously shitty Northeast winters. I had probably the worst year I've ever had personally, plus my mom got injured and I had to go take care of her. So I'm not at my apartment, no books, no games, nada. Metroid Prime Trilogy came out that year, and I managed to get out to Target to buy it on sale...but had no chance to play it.

But back in my old bedroom at my mom's house I found my old NES-colored GBA SP. Couldn't find any games for it, so I went to GS and bought Fusion for a few bucks. That was my comfort game that whole winter.
GTA has been my go to game for comfort since GTA III on PS2....
GTA III used to be the game for me. I played the living hell out of that game in college. Whenever I had a spare minute, I'd be playing it. I kept at least half a dozen save spots, so I could go back to do the memorable stuff. I must've taken out Salvatore Leone 20 times.

Don't get me wrong, I played Vice City and San Andreas, too (as well as the PS2 ports of Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories). I remember finishing up VC on a marathon session during the holidays one year, and cruising around San Fierro in SA took up way too much of my last year of college. Hell...now that I think on it, GTA was college for me. It's hard to believe Rockstar released those three games in such a short time period.

Then the Wii came out, and I got deep into FPS, so COD and GE became my comfort games. Which is weird, because comfort gaming for me used to be about just hanging out alone and doing my own thing. But hanging out with buds has its own appeal.

Which is why Monster Hunter has become this gen's comfort game, I guess.
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Lately with my anxiety and such, the only comfort I got from was playing Smash Bros 3DS while having AVGN or Jon Tron videos in the background.

I also find the Gargoyle's Quest series comforting too.

I finally got around to playing Four Swords Adventure, and later in the game there is a snow level. The wind sound effects, the way the snow blurs your vision, I was playing that while in my blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. THAT was some comfy shit.

But these examples are recent affairs. As for all time comfort....the first thing that comes to my head is Earthbound. If you read any my posts I don't think I need to explain why.

Other than that, Kirby is pretty up there, especially the first Dreamland. Speaking of Gameboy, Super Mario Land is also a go to game for me. I beat it three times in a single day before.

I'm sure I can think of a lot more, like Thousand Year Door and Super Mario 64, but I think I covered it. I have a lot of comfort games truth be told.


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Hmm...this may sound a lil' strange but I don't really have any one comfort game that I just keeping back to

I tend to move on from one game to the next, although I do love playing games like Super Smash Bros and Halo with friends. Those kind of games will never lose their luster when it comes to multiplayer

However, recently, there are two games I do continuously play - Fantasy Life and Fire Emblem: Awakening

Even though I've beaten the latter and have made a decent amount of progress in the former, I'm still enjoying them as much as I did when I first got them and they always manage to get me smiling and just ease me of my worries


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I suppose it depends on the kind of comfort I'm seeking.

Some games I dip into simply to marinate for a moment in the familiarity or nostalgia of an era (and soundtrack), though I will seldom complete them again, these tend to be more rich narrative adventures - think Sierra PC adventure games from the 80's and very early 90s or Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Symphony of the Night, Ocarina of Time or Okami, but it can also be a brief run through World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros, or a couple levels of SMB 2, 3 or World or even some shmups or brawlers. In fact, I can even get this sensation from games I haven't played before but that are so emblematic of the idiosyncrasies of a given time and platform in game development history that I feel nostalgia while experiencing them for the first time.

Then there's the games I return to that are probably more about a comforting flexing or stretching of a muscle, a familiar routine. I have a working knowledge of their (not infrequently simpler) rule-sets, so there's no barrier to begin to engage with them, I can pick them up and go, and their rewarding qualities can be realized in shorter, often non-narrative bursts of engagement. The comfort, as much as anything, derives from the fact that I don't need to feel overwhelmed diving into them for a quick gaming fix. These tend to be puzzle games, strategy games, or possess a non/limited-narrative arcade quality. Think Tetris, Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man, Street Fighter 2, War Craft 2 & 3, Star Craft 1 & 2, Picross, Mario Kart (64, 7 & 8), Minesweeper etc. I'm pretty sure FTL is now in this club.

In terms of a game that feels like a combination of those two qualities of comfort stated above, a game that also has a start and a finish, and that I play start to finish for comfort - I think the answer is Megaman X.

Finally there's games I found engrossing and/or addictive enough that after beating their main campaigns I will dive back into multiplayer or NG+ or grind or replay battles for a while. Most of these are still active series that I have discovered in the last 14 years and that simultaneously develop a lot while changing little. So while a given entry leaves a tail of engagement in its wake for perhaps a few months or a year+ that could be described as "comforting" from a sense of mastery and/or enjoyment, I tend to move into a new series entries when I feel the need to "return", more so than revisiting old ones. Souls games, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Musou brawlers or NBA 2K (though it's been a few years for those two latter ones).


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The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

Easily my comfort game. I played it so many times as a child. It was my happy place. So when A Link Between Worlds was announced, it was like coming home again.

There's just something about that game, from the opening rain sequence to the final battle. Every moment is joy for me.


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The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

Easily my comfort game. I played it so many times as a child. It was my happy place. So when A Link Between Worlds was announced, it was like coming home again.

There's just something about that game, from the opening rain sequence to the final battle. Every moment is joy for me.
ALTTP is a great one to dip into, though I don't think I've ever beaten it more than once. I'm curious to see if I return to complete A Link Between Worlds over the years. I loved it, it was such a contained satisfying experience that I kept messing around with street pass battles after I beat the main game. It was so much fun to control and play and there's a potentially alluring balance of familiarity and variety with the flexible dungeon order. At the same time it's not a game that seems beatable in one or two movie-length sittings, especially if you're going for everything (though it's certainly no 60-100 hour affair), so there would be a non-trivial time commitment to completing it each time.


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Yoshi Island, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing DS and Yoshi Island DS. And while I know there are better mario games around, the original New Super Mario Bros just does something to me.

The original Pac-man World, Okami, Pokemon games and the often forgotten Mini Ninjas.... I have a lot of comfort games. Needless to say Smash and Kart are automatically one as well as Split Second.

Almost every game I play and like I get attached to them. Let me stop before I keep going.


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My current comfort game is Toribash mainly because I am forced to wait in turns and can think out my moves like a timed chess match but using kicks, flips, and punches. I'll chill out and listen to music while playing or draw on my other screen. When I don't feel like playing I can just spectate.

Other comfort games include Skyrim or Fallout 3 because I will just randomly wander and explore. I'll get in the mood to do that occasionally because I can set my own goals that way or just wander until I find something unexpected.

A WiiU comfort game is Need For Speed mainly because I'll just drive around jumping over things or ticking off cops. I don't even care for the races in the game, I just like the nice scenery and chases.

Street Fighter II Turbo, Mega Man X, Mario 64, and Killer Instinct were probably some big comfort games of my past that I spent a lot of time on.

There are some games that I think were comfort games that I almost used as a way to get me through depressed times in the past. I remember Harvest Moon 64 was like my happy place for a long while, haha. Also the Tales of Symphonia series was kind of my go to escape for a bit. I think that is a big reason why I like games such as Skyrim/Fallout also.

Ok, this has been kind of a blabbering post but I'm tired and the coffee is wearing out.


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My answer is quite odd, because a comfort game should be an old one, but mine now is Hyrule Warriors.

I just can't have enough of it. And it's very relaxing playing it.

Maybe I'm just excited and I'll forget this game soon, but the thing is, there are DLCs coming, I played 40 hours of it and I haven't touched Hero Mode yet, I've got a lot of things to do on Adventure Mode and I almost don't touch my mk8 any more.

Hyrule Warriors became a serious business here.

Before that I think it was Mk7, before that Mkwii.

I played Mk7 a lot. I can't think about a better MK than 7 for me. 8 can't beat it at all. In fact, everything get better on 3DS, it's a wonderful machine.

During my N64 days, my comfort game was Battle Tanx for some years. I played it a lot and no friend of mine could beat me. The other one was Top Gear Rally, but it's not as fun as Tanx.



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Back in the day I used to play days and days of civilization and master of orion. Now the elder scrolls, Diablo and the souls games are my favorites. Dragon's dogma deserves a mention too.
Outta curiosity, how the hell are the Souls games comforting in the slightest? I felt really uneasy throughout all three titles.


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I'm with @nyarlathotep5 on the Souls games being comfy. Like he said, the learning process is always tough, but because of that, going back to the game later feels like coming home. I already pretty much quit Dark Souls 2 but I'm going to jump on it again when the Scholar of the First Sin comes out, and it's going to feel awesome.
I've played a lot of AoE II over the years, but largely because back in the day, it worked first time every time over LAN, making it great for parties.

When I'm burned out from work, I'll sometimes just play a whole game of Total War or maybe Civilization. I've been mulling buying Rome II recently after it was free for a weekend on Steam a few months back (and I spent that whole weekend playing it). The only problem is it takes a few days to win a game on grand campaign, and usually I don't have the patience for grinding through the later stages. The start is much more fun, so whenever I go back to it, I just start a new campaign and never actually finish!