What Kind of Gamer are you?

I usually do the standard difficulty before I start movin on up *cue music*. Though I started doing COD campaigns straight at Hard difficulty with the recent games.
Dammit, I voted the wrong thing. Just epic fail. Anyways, I sometimes either go on Normal mode then go with Hard mode. Depends how my gaming skills are.
While I normally select Normal at first, it really depends on if it's a new genre or series for me. Fire Emblem Awakening was my second attempt at the series so I went with Normal, while Wind Waker HD I went straight for Hero Mode.


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Not enough options /10
Depending on the game, I usually start one step above normal, and then subsequent playthroughs are played easier for a more narrative experience (replaying the frustration kills me).

I think Mass Effect is my only exception where I'll go back for more pain.


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I couldn't care less about my gamer cred, so if there's an easy option, odds are I'll start there (if that option is too easy, then I'll up the difficulty).


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Definitely go with normal first time through.
If I decide to replay and want the challenge, then I'll up the difficulty.

I don't want to ruin the experience for myself by getting frustrated the first time through on a game if I make it too difficult for myself and screw up the learning curve.


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It really depends on the genre or series. RPG's or strategy games I'll often jump into on Hard to see how I fare (as often as not it stays there), but overall I'm just as likely to click the default Normal difficulty on a game without even really thinking about it. Mario Kart I start off on 50cc cups and work my way up accordingly (it's less fun to go back to lower difficulties in MK, so I find it best to start with it). I'm really all over the place.


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If I can tell the game is going to be easy, I crank the difficulty up.
If I can tell the game is going to be hard, I leave it on the default difficulty.
If I can tell the game has nothing to do with gameplay and it's just basically a story game or cinematic game, I turn it down to easy so I can just get through the story.