When can a mod or admin delete a post?


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This thread is specifically about the question of when it's acceptable, or unacceptable, for a mod or admin to delete somebody else's post. Having a post deleted can immediately seem like a tyrannical oppressive move, but that's a load of bull. The truth is that there are cases in which deleting a post can be beneficial for a thread or a conversation, the most obvious example being deleting a series of troll posts. Deleting off-topic posts, in my opinion, can also sometimes be acceptable, but we're here to discuss when such a thing is alright.Make your voice heard here guys. Let's figure out how ok is it for a mod to delete a post, and in which cases this is.


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A mod should be able to delete any post that he or she deems as being against the T.O.S. The rules are set in stone and rightly so. It seems that biggest issue is usually off-topic posts. A lot of poster post off-topic replies without really noticing it and it's fine in most cases. however, there is an exception, threads were the OP asks a specific question. I don't think mods should need to answer to anyone for deleting posts unless it's clearly them abusing their power, which doesn't happen too often. However, they should notify the user(s) before hand and state the reason. That's it, there's no explanation necessary. If the mod wants to continue the discussion with the user(s) in question then that's up to them. I also don't think that we should be allowed to openly criticize a mod for doing his job, especially in the CT. We're a small community and a good amount of us, myself included, are somewhat stubborn and wear our hearts on our sleeves as if it's the new fashion. Therefore, we may not be able to initially see the problem at hand. Criticizing the mods in the CT or anywhere won't lead to anything good. It's only going to result in a flame war and divide the community.


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I'm generally laissez faire on leaving posts in. It's natural for a discussion to meander a bit. In fact, you can get some really interesting discussions going that way. But there are exceptions to any rule. If the thread is being hijacked into an unrelated, glorified prick-waving contest, then I say delete with extreme prejudice.


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Whenever they want. They're mods, after all. We're not. :D
pretty much this. mods are chosen by the community because we think they have good judgement and are trusted with mod powers for that reason. if a post or a user is taking away from a topic or creating a negative experience for users, then we depend on mods to make that problem go away. if a mod is abusing those powers, then the community will be vocal about it and the mod will go away. that's how it works on every board ever. i don't think there needs to be any strict set of rules or bureaucratic guide lines that say when and where a mod is allowed to do this and that. each action should be taken on a case by case basis, and mods should be held accountable for their actions when they're inappropriate. it's as simple as that. just use common sense and everything will be fine.
Pretty much what everyone said above. I think what we need to do here is put ourselves in the shoes of the person who gets their post deleted. Would you like it if your post was deleted just because you meandered from the topic a little bit or asked a question for clarification when many people were obviously confused? Would you like it if your post was the only post that was deleted for meandering, but everyone else's wasn't? Would you like it if your post was deleted because a mod just didn't like you? Just something to think about when responding to this thread.

Also just to add on though, I think the problem that lots of boards have is that with some mods, because they are friends with each other, what one mod might do that is essentially admin abuse might get covered up for when if it was anyone else that did what that mod did, they'd probably lose their admin. Sometimes, being community started by closely knitted people can be a negative thing as in some cases those closely knitted people will find it very hard penalize their friend for doing something anyone else would have gotten penalized for. Personally, I would have no problem giving it straight to my friends because I do it all the time; it’s why we’re such good friends. I haven’t encountered a situation where honesty wasn’t the best policy, but I have encountered the contrary.


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Whenever a mod or admin deems it fit to do so. After all that's their job and they wouldn't be in their position if they hadn't already proved that they have the level head to do so fairly. Of course people will sometimes be upset about their post being deleted, but usually you're going to know when you've made a post that was completely unconstructive, so you just move along, nothing really lost. If the post was brilliant, I think you can rest assured it won't be deleted. Of course if a mod was going on a spree, deleting post after post even if they weren't strictly pointless or distracting there would be a problem, but I highly doubt that's going to happen with any of the mods we have.
In the end, it comes down to the choice of the mod/admin. If they think that the post doesn't belong, whether it is being harmful or just stupid they have the right to delete it if they see fit. You can be pretty sure the person having their post deleted will know why, but if they don't they should just ask why. If they don't like the answer they're given and they're still upset, they can just check with a different mod or admin to see if they've been wronged. We've got a bunch of great mods and admins so surely there'd be at least one that you'd trust to answer you honestly. If you still don't like it well, I guess it's just tough luck. Seriously there's no reason to turn it into something bigger than that. Just send a private message and query it. We've got nothing to complain about, the rules on this forum are extremely lenient. I know I've made some stupid posts, if they got deleted I'd be like "aw, lame" most likely apologise for my actions and move along. If my post was serious and I felt that it had been simply taken in the wrong way or unfairly deleted, I'd probably ask why.
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I should mention the difference between a mod and an admin because I think things weren't made clear and that made some confusion crop up in this situation. An admin is capable of moderating but that's not supposed to be an area that they are focused on. They are admins for more global picture things like creating or deleting sub-forums, approval of new applicants, ideas for enhancing the overall forums. Mods are meant to be there for the community on a closer "street-view". So, they do moderating, handling complaints, determining consequences, keeping the general order. Admins aren't supposed to get involved in those kinds of things.
In regards to the specific question of the OP, I'm not a mod so I'm just giving my opinion like everyone else. I think mods should be able to delete when they see fit and we should rely on their judgement. However, if in specific cases it seems like abuse of their power, the person who has been wronged should privately bring it up with the other mods. That way they aren't publicly embarrassing the mod, and the two other mods can decide if it was out of place. If it was, the consequence should still be kept private so as to protect the dignity of the individuals involved. It's possible that the original post should also be restored.