When does nostalgia become good nostalgia, or when does nostalgia become bad nostalgia?


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No one ever insinuated that refinement is innovation.

Refinement is very much apart of Nintendo's process, but they're always searching for that new element which leads them to innovating on all fronts.

That's what LSB is trying to tell you.

And you're the Kid from the Bastion. ASUCH it should BE.

And I done told you to go read the Gamecube Story yappo!!


Yes, for me, Nintendo is one of the most innovative in gaming. You just need to look at the controllers to see how Nintendo tries to always make something new. This is innovation, even when they fail, because fail is part of innovation process.

Today I feel that 3DS's 3D is so ok, but when I heard about this I felt that it was so fresh, so new. A 3D without glasses? Sony'd never think about releasing something like that.

I believe everyone here heard that affirmation: "Nintendo is too conservative, too traditional". They are, indeed, they've got traditional products, products that you always recognise (you say "this is so Nintendo!"), however they try so many things, they present a lot of new ideas, every year. Perhaps they're not that traditional as people believe.

PS: Talking about Nintendo games: A topic that makes me think a lot is Game Cube. GC days were days of so many experiments. They always had an innovative element present on the same traditional games and characters. Mario Sunshine, Zelda Wind Waker, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart DD, Zelda Four Swords. The list is endless.