Where's my Wii U zapper, Nintendo?!


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The more i play around with a mockup, and the more power i give it, the more it impresses the hell out of me as a potential game-changer for the genre Nintendo is most often regarded as being "out of touch" with, FPS. This thread is a repository for my experiments, and discussion on the subject (i'm always willing to try out new things, cardboard is cheap!). You may have seen this video already, it was a very quick cut to show the first person view into the screen, and how that view is perfectly stabilised in 3D space:


Nintendo just needs to make a multiplayer FPS in the same vein as MP:Hunters, bundle it with the Zapper, and use that to smack around the "next gen" twins with the near-VR capabilities of this controller. They've already proven the ability of face-tracking based 3D (Johnny Lee did something similar but less functional with Wiimote head tracking, and the DSi had the wonderful but buggy Looksley's Lineup), and it would work so unbelievably well within the confinement of the zapper peripheral. Imagine this, combined with the video above:

If that could then become another option for CoD, it wouldn't matter how high-res the dog textures are on the more powerful consoles, nothing they do could match the immersion, accuracy, and easy learning curve. The definitive version of a game doesn't have to be the shiniest, and if Nintendo needs to prove that the features of their new console are worth having, this couldn't hurt their most "neglected" genre.
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Here's the proper video i made up the day after that first one, it's what was meant to be posted as it actually shows the peripheral and explains the technology:


I've also just cracked the gamepad and hooked wires up to the buttons so i can have functioning controls on the Zapper. I removed the IR window to give me a port without cutting up the case, and i've been playing the Metroid minigame using just the zapper. It's fantastic! I'll sort out a head mount for my GoPro and record some first-person video.

So, what do you guys think? More useful than the Wii Zapper? Pretty good competition for the Oculus Rift at this price point, with this kind of accessibility?
Well, the old Wii Zapper does work fine in a game like Ghosts, so they're not in a rush. But yes, I'd like the real thing. That rift thing isn't so special. Nintendo can release something similar if need be.


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Well, the old Wii Zapper does work fine in a game like Ghosts, so they're not in a rush. But yes, I'd like the real thing. That rift thing isn't so special. Nintendo can release something similar if need be.
But Sony's making an Augmented Reality headset and ps4 is moving strong....


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The Wii Zapper didn't really add anything though, it just placed the wiimote and nunchuk in a pseudo-immersive frame, and it botched the ergonomics anyway (why am i moving with my trigger hand?!). It was basically playing wii sports with a plastic tennis racket.
This can do 3D, make the learning curve for FPS controls almost non-existent WITHOUT resorting to AA, and even lets console players stand a chance against KB+M. In fact, if i could get this running on the PC, i bet i could play Tribes with it, which is the highest of accolades for FPS control.
Also, because you still have your frame of reference in the real world, it's great for people who suffer nausea, and the 3D works for people with eye issues, children, or even folks with only one eye. It's as accessible as Nintendo could want!
If you have a webcam and can get it working in flash, you can actually try out the face-tracking 3D in your web browser!
But Sony's making an Augmented Reality headset
Again, it's easy for Nintendo release one that does the same thing if that ever becomes more than the hype which it is right now. And it will be much harder for consumers to buy an add-on for a $400-450 console than for a $300 console that includes a pack in. They might as well re-release the Move. Sony already have a ps4 camera add-on that is not selling to their FPS-only fanboy majority.


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To do a headset, all Nintendo has to do is change the case for the gamepad and drop the buttons. If the Wii U supports two gamepads, you could have one on your head, and one in your hands. Your view and aim would have perfect 3D mapping and separation, the gamepad already has audio processing to handle the headphones, too.
The only remotely difficult part would be the 3D, which would probably have to be handled differently to the screen on the 3DS. I think having two separate displays would be better than trying to use parallax barrier tech, although having the screen at a perfectly controlled distance means the 3D effect would never be broken as it is on the 3DS. Put stereoscopic cameras on the outside of the visor, and you can even do amazing augmented reality stuff!
Price wise, if the gamepad really does cost $150 to replace, then that's actually an utter bargain for a VR headset! The OR is wired, twice the price (currently), and doesn't have one of the world's premier game development companies producing it.
Even saying it would be remotely difficult is stretching it. Wii U supports two Gamepads, plus the TV, and 3D compatibility was there at launch. And yes, a Gamepad with a smaller eye sized screen and no buttons times two is their headset. It's basically there already.


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I'm actually shopping for a used 3DS to molest it into a VR headset at this very moment. If i could separate aiming from looking in face raiders, i'd have a pretty sweet VR/AR experience, a VR shooter where you can still see where the cat is. :p
But as great as the headset is, it's far more of an investment than the zapper, a peripheral which could easily be bundled with a game.


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I think it's a great idea. I agree that it is more intuitive than DA or mouse.
After what we saw with the Wii, I think it would be a tough sell as a modern FPS game. Most gamers in that market play games to relax and thus don't want to move much. Having to spin 360 physically is going to be a deal break to some.
I don't like standing when playing games. I play all Wii games sitting down, even bowling. I would have to use a swivel chair to play this.
A FPS game with a pickup and play style would be a hit in my opinion.


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Casuals are happy to play standing up, see Wii Sports, Wii Fit (20 MILLION balance boards), etc. If Nintendo wanted to open up the FPS genre to these people, to take them the next step to "hardcore", then this is the tool. What a stellar christmas toy that would be!
For the more established/lazy gamer, it would still be great if the zapper were added as an option to established multiplats as the Wiimote is. You don't HAVE to use it, but it would be fun, it would enhance the value of the game, and it would let experienced gamers play alongside their family/friends without the usual frustration associated with the existing control schemes.
That's why it strikes me as a financial no-brainer. I've built this concept to see if the reason Nintendo hasn't unleashed this beast is a technical limitation, and i really haven't found one yet!
Sega Genesis Emulation. Its hard as hell on the 3DS
But ^ have them do it anyway. If the guys at MZ can get genesis running on 3DS they can do this
What is genesis?
Did you mean M2? I was thrown off because you typed MZ. What's being emulated and what's the point? The remade games coming out on 3DS from Sega run much better, even better than a ps2. Galaxy Force 2 is unbelievable.


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I know^

But IF they can do it, NIntendo can sure as hell go the extra mile to make a zapper that functions so damn good

It'd be nice if you could show Retro this and do like some sort of presentation with it when its all put together