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Well my oldest is graduating Kindergarden tonight. My parents always told me once you have kids time will fly......and I now ask myself where the past 5 years went

He will go to Kindergarden again at a public school because of his young age, but man graduating already it's just too fast.
5 years ago, I was about ready to turn 21, so I was psyching myself up by training for the big day. Good times.


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On an update note, I checked out the PS2 version of Most Wanted again. It looks like the GameCube version expect with motion blur and dynamic weather.

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What's cool is that with all these guys with all these capture devices, we'll be able to watch them all race in MK8 from each of their twitch feeds all at once....

Should be awesome....

The Shoulder cam.... The Ace cam.... The Jueg cam..... It would be cool if you could open each Twitch in a little window on your PC and watch them all at once.... Liek a sports book setup....

Or maybe find a way to combine them or edit them together to make a vid out of the race that shows all of the footage together seemlessly....

Come Tapatalk at me, bro.
Sweet, you can capture me handing everyone their arses then.
The Shoulder cam will be at a later date, and weekends and some friday nights will be the only time to record stuff also. But damn, it's going to be a fantastic show!
Dare I say we will get a........ :cool:...........over-the-shoulder view? YEEEEEAAAAAH

First 3 eps of Br Ba were real good, but I'm tired and sorta ill. So bed time for me. Goodnight TNE!

I'm betting the board meeting went something like this:

"Alright guys, what's better than Optimus Prime fighting Decepticons?"
"Optimus Prime fighting Decepticons on a T-Rex?"
"You're hired."
oh that reminds me, I have to say Lucy looks like the dumbest movie. And I love Luc Besson, but come on any fucking time a films conceit includes the phrase "humans only use 10% of their brains" I'm fucking done.
The most ridiculous shit is that in this specific movie it doesnt scale right. Based on what Scarlett does in it, humans in that universe probably use less than .0001% of their minds.


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TV previews

I had an idea similar to this a ways back.. basically a batman show called gotham that acted as a true ensemble with a larger cast that might never all meet up in the run of the show... the difference was that in my idea young bruce wayne would have been like 20 and just dipping his toe into vigilantism (not as batman.. I envisioned him in a ballistic mask, as a vigilante in black... so I am pretty excited that something like that is actually happening... but I am also a little concerned... in my idea pre-batman,a nd pre-catwoman would both be in it.. but would probably never meet... my idea was to handle it with rgeat caution and focus on consequences... my dream show runner would have been vince gilligan (breaking bad) because he can do gritty realism and heightened at the same time like nobody else... I am excited for gotham as it is.. but also skeptical... the best get IMO is donal logue as bullock... great great actor

super super excited.. I do not have a single concern here, I think they perfectly nailed it like none other, looks hilarious and dark, and epic... it is like what took supernatural 2 or 3 seasons to reach but in a trailer

I will watch this because it is high concept... but my expectations are low

Wayward Pines
has any creative person's name fallen into the mud even a 10th as hard as what happened with M. Night? I am excited for this show... but the second Is aw his name it was like a pang of depression and lowered expectations hit me...

The Last Man on Earth
I LOVE stuff like this... but how will they pull off a whole series with 1 character.... I am optimistic but cautiously so

Secrets and Lies
Interesting crime series, I like the idea of how first perception can act as judge and jury in our current society

so part of me hates this, and party of me loves it.... I love the guy playing the king though (psych was so good) and like that the song at the end of the trailer was entering meta territory as it should

The Whispers
Creepy looking with what appears to be a serialized story.. cautiously optomistic

American Crime
this looks like it might be too preachy.. felicity Huffman's character is just way too overtly racist in a way that feels disingenuous and unrelatable... unless the racist character is nothing but a face value villain they NEED to be relatable.. we need to understand them and feel conflicted

Fresh off the Boat
it is nice to see another comedy with an asian family as central characters and this one looks pretty decent

like above.. it is nice to see a comedy about a black family that isn't tyler perry stupid.... remember Cosby? remember Roc? I do... and it makes me sad...

so CBS makes me doubtful, and while Halle Berry is a big get she isn't a favorite of mine.. it is also speilberg who hasn't made much quality on TV... but I like high concept serialized shows

this looks like a show with some serialized elements, but that is episodic dominant... shows like this can be good or bad based almost entirely on the chemistry between the actors... the trailer makes it look a bit fun, but also quite dumb...

The Last Ship
again.. high concept.. and oh.. is that Adam Baldwin (firefly, chuck)... sold... probably wont be great... but Adam Baldwin put it over for me

this was made by cinemax I think... but was cancelled and never aired in america... but it did air overseas.. so now another network has picked it up... could be fun.... but the fact that cinemax declined to air it even though it was complete doesn't bode well

The Strain
Guillermo Del Toro's first TV series... that is all that needs to be said

from some people behind 24 and homeland comes a show about a Middle Eastern Tyrant and how he comes to be that way.. seems to be a major parallel to Bashar al- Assad (western educated, western wife, worked in the medical profession... but still become a horrible Tyrant)

the Flash
I like Arrow, I like Comic book shows... sold

the Leftovers
unlike some.. I actually look back fondly on Lost... so Lindelof is my reason for checking this one out... even though my anti-religious nature wants me to rally against soemthing about the rapture... my sister (also anti-religious) says that the book is more from a literary perspective than a religious one... more of a what if... and Lindelof is jewish so I can't imagine him making christian propaganda

basically a sequel to that evil angels movie with Paul Bettany... I like stuff like that.. so I'll give it a shot

Ron Moore... check... a premium cable channel.. check... scotland... check... time travel... check... though it is absed on romance novels.. so ughhh... will give ti a shot because of ron moore (battlestar Gallactice, Caprica)

Sean Bean... as Jack Bauer... shot like a Liam Neesen action movie... sure

god that took forever

edit: forgot one
Manhattan Nuclear Family
Really excited about this one... a little mad men, a little the americans, and yet something entirely new as well
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oh that reminds me, I have to say Lucy looks like the dumbest movie. And I love Luc Besson, but come on any fucking time a films conceit includes the phrase "humans only use 10% of their brains" I'm fucking done.
The most ridiculous shit is that in this specific movie it doesnt scale right. Based on what Scarlett does in it, humans in that universe probably use less than .0001% of their minds.
I loved this line in the trailer:
"what will happen when she reaches 100%!?"


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That whole thing about Godzilla only appearing for 10 minutes is bullshit, he is constantly in the second half of the movie

That movie had possibly some of the greatest cinematography I have ever seen, HOLY SHIT

that scene with the halo jump with the soldiers in between the clouds and a wide camera shot

that ocean scene with godzilla submerging and all goes quiet

Ford Brody or whatever his name was was actually a pretty well-built character as well, didn't expect that. Dat moment when he gave up on living, right next to the nuke, doesn't care anymore, but then Godzilla FUCKING USES ATOMIC BREATH AND PUTS THAT ISH RIGHT IN THE MONSTER'S THROAT

and dat moment when all is black, but then a blue streak appears and Godzilla comes out of the shadows and dust and uses atomic breath for the first time

My mouth hasn't been as open since the Avengers, holy fuck

i am still jizzing

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godzilla is easily the worst fucking movie i've seen in ages. just so INCREDIBLY stupid for so many reasons. it's like they had a fucking 5 year old at the helm. they should have named it "godstopit". several groups of people actually left the theater like 1/2-2/3 of the way through. i've seen a lot of flicks at the movies, but i've never seen groups of people just abandon a film like that. i would have too if i wasn't with other people. i'm so pissed i spent money on that garbage. gaaaahhhh.
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