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:mhug:Well since everyone is having a good time, and @FriedShoes posted a legendary Ice Cube song then let me join in the feel as y'all say.

Today was amazing for me honestly. We have never had so much freedom to do such things like out live event today. As @LightsaberBlues said "these are real people behind the icons, and what a great place to be with these folks" and QFT to the fullest!

Was great to spend the day with most of the community and get to see y'all in person and interact as e3 loomed and afterwards as well. And as e3 has say on me for Nintendo I feel more encouraged I did enjoy there so there was just so damn much of them today to put into a direct it threw me for a confusing loop. But as the day winds down and more announcements have been made they did a ton.

Then 6 of the community members got together for a game of Ghost and talked about it. By God if you can't get down here you can't get down no where I say. Y'all are the bomb, off the chain whatever you wanna say this community wins this year for sure. Today was a blast to spend with my brother and old schoolers of TNE!

Thank you all very much for making this place what it is. :mthumb::msrs:
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I had a great time on LSB's twitch. The actual E3, so-so. Some stuff was cool, other I didn't care for. But I recognize it's mostly because I'm becoming more particular about what I get excited for. But even while I wasn't so excited for Smash, watching that last match in the tournament between Zero Suit Samus and Kirby got me really pumped and wanting to learn the game seriously.

Anyway, tomorrow (today?) I head out to Bonnaroo music and arts festival. It's my third year going, it's been amazing the past two times so I bet it's going to be just as amazing again. I will be at that from tomorrow Wednesday until next Tuesday, so almost a whole week. I'll be back to write about E3 at that time.

See you guys next week.


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The built in sensor bar lets the cameras on the headset track the bottom half of the unit when in VR/AR mode. This means you can use the bottom half as a very sensitive/accurate steering wheel (VR first person F-Zero?! Vomit bags optional!), virtualise graphics on to the bottom screen, use the "gamepad" as an accurate locator for AR (like the cards but movable in 3D space, see screen virtualisation), place the unit down as a sensor bar for wiimote-based control schemes or for absolute head positioning.

Because the game carts insert into the top half, the stylus slot actually runs the entire width! This means you can slot the stylus in either the right or left sides (goes hand in hand with the symmetry of the control scheme for lefties).

Pressing the DS logo disconnects the two halves. I thought it was fitting as the symbol is two screens connected! :p Also, better vision of the L/R buttons, charge port, game cart location, and IR senders (in reality that plastic/glass will be blacked).


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congrats! Todays been an awesome day, almost as good as yesterday.
I think the front page is more enthusiastic than these sadsacks around here, thats nice to hear.
Numbers wise, today actually beat yesterday by a comfortable margin. I think it's about 18% higher today.

When will Menashe have the site numbers?
He probably won't detail numbers until he gets back from E3. I'm looking over the analytics now though, and it's looking spiffy. ^.^
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