Yearbook Cover Design - Comic Book Style


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I created a yearbook cover design for the school I work for the other day. It was about a 3 hour ordeal from original sketch to finish. This is one of the first works I have made 100% digital using Manga Studio 5 and Adobe Illustrator (lettering). I created this using an old Wacom 3 Intuos Medium tablet I won on Ebay a few years ago and Frenden's awesome brushes you can find at . Enjoy! Yearbook-Cover_lo-res-preview.png


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Cool... though I have to ask... why does he even bother wearing shoes? He clearly destroys them instantly and would therefore be forced to buy a new pair every time he wants to put on shoes. Also, it would appear that he is wearing socks, as there appears to be one sticking out of the top of his shoe, yet there is no trace of sock on his exposed foot. I can only guess, then, that he has likewise ruined the sock.

Totally breaks my immersion, bro!



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Haha, I am chalking that up to artistic liberties on that one. Either that or he transforms and luckily the socks and shoes he buys are really cheap. The front of the socks are kind of pushed back in the shoe under the flap of shoe.

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