You Know What's Worse Than a Spammer?


Lamer Gamers Podcast Co-Host

Not much. In fact I think the people who spam boards like TNE are bottom-feeding, wastes of oxygen that are nothing more than the lowly criminals who will not amount to anything.

SO, lets talk about things that are better than spammers!

Spammers are worst than manure.

Pictured Above: Still better than people who spam.

Spammers are worst than the spammer's mom. (its true)

Pictured: Spammer's Mom

Spammers are worst than dung beetles.

They see me rollin' They hatin.

Spammers are worst than a live One Direction single...(thats saying somethin' right there!)
Seriously, this is pretty terrible and hilarious...

Thats just a few...what do you consider to be higher up than a spammer?