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TNE Wonderful ones! The front side has decided to let us be the deciding factor in the 2015 Nintendo GOTY. So with that said here is the guidelines.

1. This will be the front page GOTY so make your pick wisely.

2. This is across both the WiiU and 3DS. If you pick your GOTY on either console that is totally fine.

3. Let get your winner and your runner-up so that we get a lot of discussion and things to put into the article. Make sure you write why you think your games are deserving for the title.

4. We have not laid out a time frame for this. Let's go hard at it for a week and we will see how it looks after that point.

Alright Wonderful ones let's see what you think! :msrs:


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Well Im on the laptop, that means work is about to be done:msrs:

Ill hit the runner-up first which is Splatoon. After extensive time with the game it is another Nintendo masterpiece. I was very reluctant to call it that in the beginning, but the more I became comfortable with the mechanics it has that Nintendo magic thru and thru. Everything about this game is fun, and very very deep like many Nintendo games its all about that "easy to pick up and play, but loads of hidden depth". What excites me about it most? Swimming thru ink is a gamechanger. Take for example just last night. Im in Eviltwins base, he catches me I swim and run........BUT when I was just outta his field of view I bust a U-Turn and swim right back into the base again getting behind him. Thats in away small fries Im sure it sounds like but you putting down ink, and being able to have your tea, basically swim thru the road you have made is just amazing.

The 2nd thing Im most excited about is the level of depth this game has. As many of y'all know I chose the krak-on roller as my main, and developed "The Bob Ross" as my play style. Very unassuming, but highly effective in laying down paint and can be very aggressive offensively. In the beginning of the Bob Ross I learned how to breach, but it was very basic. Bust in, make a big paint streak and get out. Now days its a lot more breaking in and kick up your feet for as long as possible. This is where the depth really comes into play aswell as your knowledge of level design and combining the 2 to utilize everything the game has in it for your advantage. This did not happen over night, it has taken me hours upon hours to figure out how to act like choke points don't exist, how to stay in a base, when to run and when to stay. I LOVE THIS GAME because of these things and I can not wait for the sequel. I will now buy Nintendo consoles just for this game.

All that being said, and as phenomenal as I believe splatooner is, this is about the GOTY. Which for me belongs to Monster Hunter 4. I will struggle in writing this because there is just soooooooo much in this game to speak on, but lets try anyhow shall I.

MH4 at this point in my life could be the my personal greatest game I've ever played. The content is staggering and I have 800+ hours in the game right now with about 6 quest all in all to finish. THAT IS A TON! Capcom went above and beyond any reason to even make MH4 the way they did. I became addicted to the series with 3U and I finished it completely every quest with 800+ hours swell. That game is amazing but let me tell you the difference.

MH3U, comapred to MH4. MH3U is flat, not nearly as aggressive, enemys comings and goings are very predictable to where there gonna go, had underwater combat (which i don't complain about to much), and the story......which you don't play for the story but compared MH3U was pretty basic almost to the point of non existent. I say all that to say this MH3U was excellent and Capcom COULD HAVE EASILY just gave us a MH3U+ with more monsters and more areas to fight, maybe even a new weapon and I would have happily paid 60 bucks no problem, deal done.

But with MH4 Capcom said "you know what, 3U is alright if your into that. But lets really scrap the environment, some areas of combat.........and while where at it lets make those 3U monsters look like pussycats". And thats exactly what they did, and totally to my surprise because IT WAS NOT NEEDED OR CALLED FOR IMO. This tho is what makes MH4 such and unbelievable game. First off they made it where you can be the ultimate hero but inventing the mounting ability in this game..........but it works hand in hand with the new environments they created for you to fight in. There are these cliffs that you can jump off of to smash the monster in the face to roll them over and get on there back to start repeatedly stab them to really roll them hard. Let me give y'all the best example of this. On a fateful summer night 3 of us hunters Jueg, Eviltwin, and myself were battling a Shagala Magala (a true beast). We were doing well, and getting wreaked at the same time and we were trapped in an arena with this monster. As the match goes along we suffer a faint (3 faints and game over) which we over come. Then at about the 35 min mark we suffer another, this is where the gritting of teeth really kicks in to win. We believe were getting close on this monster but it continues to show us its true evil strength nailing us with everything ever chance he got. We are under 2 minutes until the match just ends and we lose, and none of us have potions........literally one more hit on any of us and game over. In this arena there is a little rock you can jump off of to try a successful mount. I have a quarter bar of health, Im standing on this rock and the beast turns to face me. I thought to myself "come on beast its either you or I!" It digs in its black claws and takes off at me dead set on ruining our epic night of hunting. I jump..........and which I'm in the air I lay my hunting horn out AND SMASH THE BEAST RIGHT IN THE SKULL rolling him over! As I'm stabbing him repeatedly in the back my fellow hunters stand around cheering me on to roll him, but he's not going down as easily as I had hope and he roars and rolls trying with everything to get me off his back! I prevailed holding my ground and as my most trusted hunters wreak his body the beast was slayed! I would have to say it was the finest moment Ive ever had in my video game career! We cheered and breathed deep breaths as we knew how close that was, and what was on the line.

Because of what Capcom did with MH4 it provided me with not only quite possibly my favorite game of all time, but a moment I shared with my close friends as one of my greatest moments in gaming history.


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As far as games are concerned, this year was a tad light as most games either didn't interest me all that much or I just didn't have the time for it, especially with my 3DS and PS4 although the Wii-U wasn't exactly an exception

GOTY: Super Mario Maker

TBH, initially, I didn't want to get the game as I just don't feel that a 2D platformer, regardless of how many levels it can offer, should be worth $60 and, even now, I still feel it shouldn't cost $60. Maybe $40 but that's the upper limit, as far as I'm concerned. While the game doesn't offer every enemy, power-up, or obstacle from the 2D Mario platformers, it does offer a significant amount of them that more than allows you to make interesting and varied levels, provided you have the patience, skill, and imagination...which I have none of :p so I just play other people's levels and, while I run into some stinkers, I also run into some truly well-made and creative levels that offer a fair challenge and, with the amount of people buying the game and making levels for it, I'll have plenty of levels to enjoy for years to come...until Nintendo shuts down all the servers :(

Runner-Up: Splatoon

Splatoon is probably the most fun game I've played this year, excluding The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, which is a remake and thus isn't a game that I'll count. Even now, I can jump into it's online multiplayer and have fun, due to the varied maps, interesting ink mechanics and weapon types. Granted, I tend to stick with a few weapons but those few weapons are so different from one another that it keeps each round rather fresh for me. Helps that the game plays VERY differently from other shooters as well. The single-player was also a lot of fun and offered a lot of interesting ideas that were, unfortunately, not utilized in the multiplayer maps. It was a tad short but still good fun, kind of like a Super Mario Galaxy third-person ink shooter. That's not to say the game doesn't have problems, such as the two-map rotation system and lack of voice chat, it hasn't prevented me from enjoying the game. That being said, I do feel those features should be in the game. However, the biggest problem for me is it's local multiplayer as it's limited between two people and only offers one mode...which isn't exactly as fun as the online multiplayer modes. I get that local multiplayer doesn't matter as much for people these days but it's a huge thing for me, more so than online multiplayer, as I still enjoy playing games locally with my friends and not all of my friends own the same system(s). Hopefully, the sequel will have an expanded and complete local multiplayer, while also adding in voice-chat and doing away with or improving the two-map rotation


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I know I answered this before, but I think my answer has changed in the last week, and it all comes down to replay factor, mine specifically.

GOTY Runner Up: Super Mario Maker

This is a game that changed the way people think about Mario 2D Platformers. For the first time on a Nintendo console, fans were able to create the levels that had been in their mind for years. 4 types of graphics, a variety of level designs (including the dreaded underwater levels). Then Nintendo went above and beyond and allowed you to use costumes to create levels for over 100 different characters.

Not only could you design, make, and play your own levels, but people around the world could play and rate them as well. And you could do the same for yours. It was a truly social experience. And to top it off, Nintendo provided sample levels of their own design for you to play. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, for me, after several months, the creativity wore off and it began to feel like a chore. There were a lot of levels created by others that were great, but there were a ton of levels where the creator obviously didn't put in the same amount of care, creativity, and attention to detail that I did. And then there were so many levels that were designed to be punishing and not fun at all.

In the end, it was a great and successful experiment, but not one I can keep going back to. 90 days of playing every day, and my creativity ran out. On the whole, I did well. My levels have earned over 1200 stars and hundreds of great comments. It was a fantastic experience, but I believe my time with it is done... For now.

Unlike my GOTY... That is still as exciting after over 6 months of playing. And that game is Splatoon!

When I first heard about Splatoon, I was not convinced. Online shooters are not my thing. Never have been. But the graphics and idea of it had me intrigued. So I decided to buy it for the single player aspect of it. I went ahead and got the amiibo 3 pack because I heard it expanded the single player.

When I booted up the game, I immediately fell in love with Callie and Marie. And I had a great time with the single player, but I decided to give the multiplayer Turf War a shot. (I was glad I had done the single player because it helped me learn how to move as an Inkling) After my second round of Turf War, I was hooked. And I have been since then.

Over the months, Nintendi rolled out new levels, weapons, gear, and types of play. Not to mention the monthly Splatfest where the whole country competed against each other for supremacy.

This is a game that just gets better the more you play it, and it's different every time because you play against different people with different levels.

It changed the way people think of online shooters. Movement was different. The way to win was different. It created an online shooter that was fun for families and experts.

It was a new IP, and it took the world by storm. For some many reasons, this was the GOTY.


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My runner up is Xenoblade Chronicles X. It's incredibly new and unique for me, and the world is absolutely massive and lovely to explore. This is my first massive RPG I have ever played, and I have to say I have really been enthralled with it. It's really a neck and neck race for first place on my list, but ultimately Xenoblade Chronicles X game in a close second.

For me, Splatoon is the type of experience that replicates that feeling of playing Mario Kart for the first time. It's instantly addicting, really competative, and an absolute blast to play. The gameplay mechanics are perfectly polished. The first time you squid through the ink is a feeling reminiscent of running around with Mario in Mario 64 for the first time. Or pressing the Z button in Goldeneye 64 to fire your weapon. It works, and it feels splendid. Splatoon has dethroned Mario Kart as my favorite Nintendo multi player game, and that's a big accomplishment considering I wasn't even sure I would buy Splatoon prior to it releasing.

SPLATOON is game of the year, and perhaps the breakout game of this generation for Nintendo.

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I'm still going back and forth between Splatoon and MH4U.

Splatoon's movement mechanics are, to my mind, easily the innovation of the year (and perhaps of this gen). Squidding lets you move faster, reloads, opens up platform level design, and introduces really different combat strategies for flanking/escaping/stealth. It's so strong that it almost makes up for the game launching with so few maps and modes, and for so much dickering with skills, and for waiting so long to nerf roller damage, and for the lack of voice chat, and for the abhorrently stupid insistence on a 2-map rotation.

MH4U is simply the moment of MonHun convergence. The map level design is far better, and it deserves plenty of plaudits for that, but the almost-complete smoothing out of the series' rough edges is just as big of a deal. 4U is a more accessible game, it's more intuitive, it has an offline portion that is worth playing, and yet it adds even more depth for veterans with new weapons (and that new terrain). 4U is a master class in splitting the difference between easy-to-grasp action and esoteric material grinding. Its only blemish is that hunting monsters still is an acquired taste. If "only boss fights" turns you off, 4U is just as opaque an experience as ever.

The runners up are easier. LoZ:TH and Yo-Kai Watch are the frickin' charm brigade. I adore them. Masterfully executed little gems.
I'm going to officially obstain from the nomination as I've yet to finish any 2015 Nintendo game, nor have I played enough.
I kind of feel this way too.... Just being honest to myself, I'm not sure I played enough of the new games in 2015 to be able to call a GOTY....
I wanted to single these posts out, because just because you haven't played "enough" doesn't mean your opinion or point of view isn't valid. No one can play every game they want to; none of us are getting paid to play videogames and we have our own lives to attend to.

I haven't gotten to the very end of MH4U, and I haven't gotten to the level 50-cap on Splatoon, but my experiences with those games are as valid as anyone else's. Similarly, I didn't have to play 100 hours of XCX to know that I just don't really dig it; nor do I have to completely fill out Yo-Kai Watch to know that I love it.

Your views are as important as anyone else's.


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Well, for me, this is it:

Nintendo Runner-up - Xenoblade Chronicles X

I love RPG and Xenoblade, but it's only a runner-up because of the GOTY.

XCX is a masterpiece, a 300h or more game (for those who looks for 100%) with huge content and a magnificent world.

Nintendo just nailed it. It may be the most ambitious game Nintendo ever made and it's on Wii U. It's a huge world without a single loading screen. And it has mechas who fly everywhere.

It's the true "no-invisible-walls" dream.

However this masterpiece, as an RPG huge game, is not as innovative as my GOTY.

Nintendo GOTY - Splatoon.

Everything I could write here have already been said.

Splatoon is just the freshest shooter out there.

After I get 300h or more of XCX, I'll still be playing Splatoon. It makes me happy, it makes me angry, it makes me play!

Now, if I can categorize:

Wii U - Runner-up

Wii U - GOTY

3DS - Runner-up
Yo-kay Watch - it's the new and great monster collecting game that can take over the world. I've put 50h on it and I'm still playing. This is the first time I see a real competitor to Pokémon in the monster collecting field. Plus the game is beautiful, charming, fun and very well done.

MH4 - Capcom said the some years ago and the new MH would be on 3DS and a lot of us couldn't believe that. Well, MH4 is just the most ambitious thing I've seen on 3DS. I'm not playing it yet, but I played MH3 and I read and watched a lot of things about MH4. This game shows how 3DS is a serious device!

Nintendo Runner-up

Nintendo GOTY

PS: I'd love to put XCX as GOTY, however Splatoon is really something else.


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I was expecting Splatoon to make an impact and same thing for Xenoblabe Chronicles X and Mario Maker.

However, I'm quite impressed by the love for Monster Hunter Ultimate 4. Actually I think that game was COMPLETELY overlooked by most of the videogames websites despite a solid Metacritic sccore of 86 which is as good as games such as Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ori the Blind Forrest or Halo 5. Those games got some love, but Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 didn't... Good to see some well deserved reconnaissance here at TNE.


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Well, after playing a few hours of Splatoon and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate back-to-back last night, I think I'm going to have to go with...



It is, as they say, on some other shit.

Splatoon is a marvel in its own right, but you can tell that MonHun is the game that has been refined through iteration after iteration. Splatoon is like a brilliant first draft of a novel, while MH4U is the one that has been edited, re-written, edited again, and finished. It's the only game I've ever played where I can say a one or two-shot kill is always fair. The boss AI is probably the best in the business. I get to make armor that makes me look like frickin' Escaflowne. Learning a new weapon is almost like learning a new game. The camaraderie factor is probably higher than in any other game. Yes, it's still an acquired taste. But so is coffee.

Still, Splatoon gives the game one hell of a run for its money. This is really a 1a and 1b award for me; this is more sharing the gold medal than one or the other getting silver. There is no other shooter that I've played that is as tactically intelligent as Splatoon. But that's also what makes some of the game feel just a touch off kilter (they kept introducing weapon classes that would've been better served in a sequel with new maps; it has never felt quite as perfectly balanced as the first few weeks of release). The silly two-map rotation is less excusable the more I play.

I think Splatoon may end up having a higher ceiling for more people in future games. Just putting three or four maps in rotation and letting you switch up weapons in the lobby would be big improvements.

But in 2015, MH4U was the game that already made the big improvements. It was close, but I say it's GOTY.


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My GOTY was for sure Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It has probably the deepest action combat system I've ever played outside of fighting games. There is great variety and depth in each monster, eithout even accounting for monster subspecies. Learning a weapon requires effort and devotion, and this is not only inherently rewarding, but it also allows the player to surmount the greater challenges the game offers. It's such a good feeling to have played the game for hundreds of hours, and a certain degree of mastery over the game's systems, mechanics, and weapons, that you are able to defeat an extremely difficult monster only to unlock an even more difficult one. Monster Hunter is a franchise with an extremely strong core, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate refines and expands upon this core, both in the challenge it provides and in the inherent joy that simply moving around and hitting things provides.

My runner-up was initially a toss-up between Xenoblade Chronicles X and Splatoon. Both are amazing games, but as I delved deeper into XCX, it was clear to me that I loved that game more, so it is my choice for runner-up. Large world games are not often interesting or rewarding to explore, but Xenoblade nails this aspect of games. When heading out to do a quest, you really get to appreciate the scale and wonder of the world as you run from one continent to another, , encountering huge beasts and figuring out how to make your way over mountains, across bridges, around lakes, all while the day changes to night and the sunny skies are covered by thundering clouds. Days pass in the game by the time you reach your destination and fulfill whatever mission you signed up for, and then you head back home to do some housekeeping and upgrade your gear so you can be stronger the next time you head out. As you grow stronger, paths that were blocked by tough monsters become accessible and more areas of the world are discovered. Then you get your skell, and your relationship with the world is completely transformed. Most of the tedium in the game goes away, exploration and discovery become more immediately rewarding, new areas become accessible, difficult monsters can be avoided or destroyed more easily in some cases, and generally, missions can be completed in a much shorter amount of time. All this is engaging enough without even mentioning the incredibly complex, option-oriented combat system, where exploring buff, debuff, altered state, and combo systems (among many others) is rewarded with high damage and a higher survivability against tougher monsters. There is much to hate about the game, but there is 10 times more to love intensely about it as well.


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Xenoblade Chronicsle X, No...Splatoon! No wait, Xenoblade, er...Splatoon. I mean Xenoblad-

It really is a touch choice for me. Xenoblade is a far more ambitious and and extensive game but flawed, while Splatoon is an extremely polished game but downright anemic in terms of features and content.

In this case I am going to to vote Xenoblade Chronicles X.


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Out of the two major Wii-U games I bought this year, I enjoyed Splatoon a lot more than Super Mario Maker...but Super Mario Maker is also a more complete game...hmm...objectively, I have to give it to Super Mario Maker but, for myself, Splatoon was way more fun and is the second shooter I've actually had fun with, the other being Halo, and is gonna pave the way for Nintendo making more new IPs in genres they typically don't explore (ARPGs, anyone?)

I haven't played through Xenoblade Chronicles X yet but I plan on getting it eventually. It's just that...I'm not as hyped for it as I was before and there are quite a few games taking priority over it for me (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and Fire Emblem: Fates)


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My Nintendo Game of the Year is Splatoon, and it's not even close.

I'm not a fan of online gaming for the most part. The only game I've ever really played heavily online before Splatoon was Mario Kart 8. I'm married to the idea that gaming is a deeply personal experience. One that is best accomplished for the most part in solitude. That's how I've played all my favorite titles. Zelda games, Metroid Prime, The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age... The list goes on and on.

Splatoon was the first game that really challenged that perception for me. By that I don't just mean that I love playing the game online, but it also means that for the first time ever, I actually got more enjoyment out of playing the game with my fiancee sitting beside me. I know from watching her play that Splatoon is an absolute blast to simply observe. It's so vibrantly ALIVE and colorful and energetic. Her reactions to me playing make the game even more enjoyable for me. Splatoon is basically a factory of joy. You can't help but have a great time whenever you're around it or playing it.

Splatoon showed me the possibilities that online gaming brings. There's a certain intensity that is produced in a very tight game of Rainmaker that I just can't match when playing a single player game offline. There's a ferocity that comes out when a match is really tight (in any game mode, not just Rainmaker) that isn't one of anger or fury, but instead of pure energy and momentum. It's a positive ferocity. I, except for a few choice circumstances usually due to connection errors, never want to throw my Gamepad in rage when playing Splatoon. There's a special feeling from squidding behind an unwitting opponent and gunning them down with an Aerospray RG, or totally blasting three enemies with one mighty roar from a Gold Dynamo Roller, and sending off a perfectly placed Inkstrike at the last second of a Turf War match to put your team over the top. It's almost always fun. Like a shot of pure joy right into your veins through your eyes and ears.

Added joy comes from a totally underrated single player campaign that culminates in one of the greatest final bosses in video game history. The final boss fight matches the tone of the game as a whole perfectly. It's silly, zany, and full of life. Splatoon also boasts (and this is HUGE for me as a video game music lover) some of the coolest music in the history of video games. The action on screen simply would not be the same without the totally bitching soundtrack. The visuals are simply top notch. Brightness and color dominate the screen, and make the world feel alive. The characters (Callie & Marie mostly) are awesome to experience. Finally, Splatoon does one of the best jobs of any Wii U game in making Amiibo actually worth getting. The unlockable Amiibo challenges are very satisfying and put a great spin on old single player levels.

Simply put, I've never experienced anything like Splatoon before in my gaming life. I've been gaming for the better part of 2 decades, so that to me is very special. The game truly is fresh.
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I wanna tell all of you how much I appreciate you taking time to vote / write / respond / or even just click this thread and read, thank you all so very much for what you have done.

Much love to all you TNE Wonderful Ones out there, you all knocked it outta the park!

Thank you :mlove: