ZombiU - A survivors account


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I'd had this review written for a while, it's done from the perspective of a video account of a survivor. The idea was for the survivor's to carry this kind of thing on them, and it would help to bridge the reality between survivors in the normal mode of the game. So it's a fanfic/review hybrid of sorts. :p

It took me ages to get appropriate footage which avoided spoilers but showed off the game a bit. Not the best editing, but there's a bit of variation in there. At least the recording is of a decent quality.

Also, i had originally recorded the audio in a Bob Hoskins' voice, but the survivor sounded way too capable (too badass). Decided to go with a more normal tone, which is less fun, but more appropriate. Oh well... the Trine 2 review is going to have accents aplenty! :D

Let me know what y'all think:



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i thought that was pretty cool. i was really hoping your guy would die at the end though. that would have been a better ending to go with the script you wrote.


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I did have that footage but the survivor couldn't have finished the tape if he died in it. Also it goes into third person when you die.

Well, that was my thinking.